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What Do the World’s Top CFOs Have in Common?

May 20, 2020 |

As president of the CFO Leadership Council and the CFO at 26 companies throughout his career, few people understand the role more than Jack McCullough. In his business leadership book Secrets of Rockstar CFOs, Jack draws on his personal experience and over 40 extensive CFO interviews to reveal the common habits, skills and relationships of the world’s most successful finance chiefs.

Watch as Jack shares the Secrets of Rockstar CFOs in a CPE-accredited, on-demand video at, a digital learning platform for business leaders and finance and operation professionals. 

Jack explains why one CFO and her VP of sales swap roles each month to get a firsthand appreciation of their two very different sides of the business. He reveals why CFOs frequently sit in on product roadmap meetings, important sales calls and key hire interviews. And he shares how an early experience with a certain “CF-NO” inspired him to become what he calls a “CF-GO” and why aspiring CFOs should aim to be one too.Screenshot from Jack McCullough's Secrets of Rockstar CFOs session during Vena Nation 2020

“A great CFO is an organization’s secret weapon: Best seller, best recruiter, best deal closer and best fundraiser.”
—Jack McCullough

Find out why the CFO is the most trusted executive in a company and why the CFO-CEO relationship is its most important. Discover what makes a true rockstar CFO and how to become one for the benefit of your career—and the future of your organization. 

Key takeaways you’ll learn from Jack include:

Watch Jack’s Secrets of Rockstar CFOs session on demand at

Thought Leader Bio

Headshot of Jack McCullough for Vena Nation keynote Secrets of Rockstar CFOsJack McCullough: President, CFO Leadership Council

Jack is an undisputed CFO expert, having served in the role at 26 companies over his career. He is the president of the CFO Leadership Council and chair of the MIT Sloan CFO Summit. Jack is also a regular contributor to and author of Secrets of Rockstar CFOs.

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