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5 Ways To Show Your Finance Team You Love Them

March 5, 2021 Tanya Goncalves  
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It’s around that time of year where many finance professionals are likely exhausted. With the chaos of tax time and a fluctuating market, analysts and accountants are working even harder to analyze data and manage clients. In addition, working remotely may or may not have put a strain on some people’s personal lives.

As a finance leader the last thing you want to do is overwork your team or leave them feeling unappreciated. As March 5th marks Employee Appreciation Day, your finance team should be genuinely acknowledged and rewarded for their work consistently to keep morale high especially through tough times like these. 

Appreciation in the Workplace 

According to a recent survey by Workhuman, over half (53%) of respondents wished their employers incorporated more human moments in the workplace. Another 31% of respondents said recognition directly impacts their motivation by offering recognition for their hard work. The survey also revealed that more than half (56%) said their companies don’t celebrate Employee Appreciation Day. 

As your team continues to adjust to a changing market and remote work, here are five ways to show your team that you love them.

streamline-icon-people-woman-4@140x1401. Know and Understand Them as People

Learn to understand that the same people you count on every day to bring their “A” game are also the same people who live their own unique lives. A researcher found that teams perform better at work when they believe their colleagues respect and acknowledge them. Make it a point to get to know the individual players on your team, whether they have kids, spouses or pets. Try to remember important details about their lives and ask them about them sometimes. As a finance leader it’s important to build a relationship with your team and it shows that you don’t just care about their productivity, but that you genuinely care about them as people. Not only will you understand what motivates them, you’ll get to know what they need to succeed in their role. 

streamline-icon-products-give-gift-1@140x1402. Try the Little Things 

Sometimes it’s not always about the grand gestures because the little things can go a long way. According to one study, 37% of employees consider recognition most important to staying motivated. Measures such as an unexpected appreciation email to a team member, congratulating someone on a personal milestone, helping them get enrolled in a training course or having your team leverage tools to make their lives easier for budgeting and reporting are ways to keep your team motivated personally and professionally. Showing that you’re invested in your team’s personal growth is a great way to send the message that you care. Whatever it is you do, just make sure it’s genuine and from the heart.

streamline-icon-like-bubble@140x1403. Just Say “Thank You”

According to a survey highlighting the impact of the pandemic on employees, when team members were asked what humanity in the workplace looked like to them, over 60% of respondents said a simple “thank you” would make their hard work feel more appreciated. Although your team is being compensated, money isn’t the same as a “thank you”. A human expression such as this can build a relationship of gratitude within your team so they know their long hours aren’t going unnoticed. Now how you say it is completely up to you. You could send a handwritten note to your team or have lunch delivered to them to express how grateful you are for their dedication. However you get it done, this small expression of gratitude is a big way to show your team that they are valued.

streamline-icon-party-hats@140x1404. Celebrate The Big Moments 

Meeting goals at work is always worth celebrating, but you should always make it a point to celebrate the moments in your team’s lives such as birthdays, anniversaries and personal milestones. According to the survey, 44.6% of respondents said celebrating accomplishments and milestones were key to feeling more humanity in the workplace. Making time to acknowledge their personal lives is how you show them that it matters to you too. Show your team that you value their personal lives by calling attention to the personal moments and letting them know they’re worth more than how much they can get done. 

streamline-icon-award-trophy-star-1@140x1405. Reward Them Accordingly

Lastly, don’t forget to incentivize work that goes above and beyond. According to the survey, respondents said receiving a bonus was one of the most popular ways that would make them feel most appreciated. The ability to give your team bonuses is a monumental way to show appreciation. Rewarding extra work with extra pay is the ultimate way to retain your team and keep morale high especially during unpredictable times.

Why Should You Appreciate Your Team 

As a finance leader if you show your team that you support, love and appreciate them to the fullest extent, they’ll continue to stay dedicated to your mission.

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Appreciation goes a long way.

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