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The Best of Excelerate =SUM(it) 2022

May 18, 2022 |

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The Best of Excelerate =SUM(it) 2022 Day Four: Agile Business Forecasting Best Practices, Contemporary Finance Skills and Effective Change Management

Today, Excelerate =SUM(it) was all about agility, adaptability and staying ahead of the curve. From contemporary skills for strategic finance professionals to best practices on effectively implementing change within your organization, our thought leaders p......

May 13, 2022 |

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The Best of Excelerate =SUM(it) 2022 Day Three: The Art of Gathering, Faster Budgeting Cycles and Agile Revenue Planning Best Practices

We’ve officially reached the halfway point of Excelerate =SUM(it) 2022 and what a week it’s been so far.  Today’s all-star lineup of speakers included Strategic Advisor and Bestselling Author Priya Parker, Vena Chief Marketing and Ecosystem Officer Allison......

May 12, 2022 |

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The Best of Excelerate =SUM(it) 2022 Day Two: The Power of Vena and Microsoft, the Kansas City Chiefs and Data Visualization Best Practices

Today marked day two of Excelerate =SUM(it). It was an action-packed day filled with insights, inspiration, networking and of course, plenty of opportunities to learn and earn CPE/CPD credits to power your personal, professional and business growth. Today’......

May 11, 2022 |

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The Best of Excelerate =SUM(it) 2022 Day One: The Power of Community, Ethical Influence and Financial Modeling Fundamentals

Today was the first day of Excelerate =SUM(it), and we had some inspiring sessions led by our all-star lineup of speakers, including Vena CEO Hunter Madeley, Dr. Robert Cialdini, Paul Barnhurst (The FP&A Guy), Vena Chief Solutions Architect Rishi Grove......

May 10, 2022 |

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Level Up Your Strategic Finance Skills With These 10 Must-Attend Sessions at Excelerate =SUM(it) 2022

The countdown is on. We’re less than three weeks away from Excelerate =SUM(it) 2022—Vena’s third annual virtual conference designed to power your personal, professional and business development—and we’re excited to share the action-packed week we have in s......

April 22, 2022 |

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7 Ways To Get the Most Value From Vena's Excelerate =SUM(it) 2022

Virtual has become the new normal. The hybrid/remote work environment has affected how we work—and it’s changed how we learn, connect and grow with one another. But transitioning from physical to virtual doesn’t have to mean fewer opportunities for growth.......

April 14, 2022 |

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Excelerate =SUM(it) 2022: Meet Our 3 Guest Keynote Speakers

“Learn continually. There’s always “one more thing” to learn.” —Steve Jobs   If you ask any seasoned business leader about the key to success in their roles, they’ll likely emphasize the importance of learning—and with good reason. According to Steve Jobs—......

April 6, 2022 |

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The Finance Expert’s Guide to Banks and Credit Unions: What Makes Financial Services Tick

So you’re joining the world of banks and credit unions? If you’re a finance professional new to the industry, chances are you probably already have some ideas on how to build opportunities in your new business. From digital transformation to FP&A, CPM ......

March 22, 2022 |

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The Finance Expert’s Guide to SaaS: Getting Caught up on a Fast-Paced Business

MRR. ARR. CAC. Unicorns, pipelines and ACS 606. There’s a lot of new terminology that comes with joining a Software-as-a-Service team. Not surprisingly, the industry known colloquially as ‘SaaS’ has a language all its own.  After all, SaaS businesses are k......

March 16, 2022 |

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