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The Smart CFO’s Guide to AI in Finance

November 14, 2022 |

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Can Smart CFOs Balance Tradition and Disruption?

CFOs and their teams are facing a dilemma today. The dilemma is how to embrace the traditional strengths while, at the same time, adopting disruptive leadership strategies and techniques. Can CFOs balance tradition and disruption?  Some believe these conce......

November 7, 2022 |

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How To Be a Good Corporate Citizen: More Insights From Vena’s 2022 Industry Benchmark Report

Sustainability. Inclusivity. Social responsibility. These aren’t just buzzwords. Not anymore. In today’s business environment, they’re more and more of a priority. Customers, partners and employees are more likely than ever to seek out good corporate citiz......

November 1, 2022 |

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How To Be a Better Strategic Finance Business Partner: Insights From Vena's 2022 Industry Benchmark Report [Infographic]

Finance has always been a numbers game. The traditional role of finance, after all, was largely an accounting role: budgeting, cash flow, profits and loss and so on. Jobs were done in a silo, and finance professionals stayed in their lane—poring over manua......

October 26, 2022 |

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The Why and How of Financial Transformation in 2023: 8 Trends for Success

If the past few years have taught business executives anything, it's that disruption has become a normal part of the economy.  To remain competitive in the face of this disruption, finance leaders must have a defined vision for working in a digital world. ......

October 25, 2022 |

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Navigating a State of Flux: 5 Highlights From Vena’s 2022 Industry Benchmark Report

If 2022 taught us anything, it’s that we need to be ready for everything. From supply chain breakdowns and the war in Ukraine, to rising inflation, interest rate hikes and predictions of a recession around the bend, the year has been defined by its unpredi......

October 24, 2022 |

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How To Develop a Finance Business Partnering Model

You probably know him as “The FP&A Guy.” For nearly 15 years Paul Barnhurst has been a leader, influencer and educator in the FP&A community.  In finance—particularly the FP&A sector—growing demands from the organization provide an opportunity ......

October 13, 2022 |

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How CFOs Can Drive Digital Transformation in Finance

As companies pursue strategies for digital transformation in finance, CFOs are the key drivers of this digitalization. Digital technologies will transform every sector by 2026 and will continue to impact the future of finance. As a result, CFOs need progre......

September 27, 2022 |

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Managing Your Relationship as the CFO With the CEO and Board of Directors

The CFO is one of the highest-ranking executives in a company. Most hierarchy diagrams will place CFOs on equal footing with other chief officers (e.g., CTO, COO, etc.) and have the CFO report directly to the CEO and board of directors. As a CFO, managing ......

August 29, 2022 |

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Successful CFOs Combine Tech Skills With Finance Savvy

A successful Chief Financial Officer (CFO) integrates your business's financial team with your services team. A strong financial background alone, however, isn't enough anymore. In today's market, technology is more integrated with financial services than ......

August 25, 2022 |

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