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4 Steps to Driving Organizational Growth Through a Change Management Plan

August 5, 2020 |

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How to Set the Stage for Finance-Led Change

Why the right people, process and tools are essential to organizational transformation.   Change is part of any business. When navigated well, it can lead to growth and gain. If not, it risks having a less positive effect. But good times or bad, the one tr......

July 14, 2020 |

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The Manifesto for Agile Finance-Led Business Planning

Today, finance teams are at the forefront of change—leading their businesses as they plan for today and tomorrow. With this responsibility comes the need for a new way of working: an Agile methodology for finance-led business planning.  Agile finance-led b......

June 24, 2020 |

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Nearly 33% of FP&A Teams Are Reforecasting Daily, New Survey Reveals

A new survey from the Association for Financial Professionals reveals that FP&A teams are experiencing heightened reporting and analytics requirements, with nearly one in three teams producing a reforecast report every day. The survey—which polled more......

June 11, 2020 |

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How Companies Can Navigate the Road Ahead

When it comes to overcoming the consequences of uncertainty, serial business executive and advisor Ryan Patel knows firsthand that the office of finance takes a front row seat and leadership role in successfully  navigating through change.  Join Ryan as he......

May 29, 2020 |

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What Do the World’s Top CFOs Have in Common?

As president of the CFO Leadership Council and the CFO at 26 companies throughout his career, few people understand the role more than Jack McCullough. In his business leadership book Secrets of Rockstar CFOs, Jack draws on his personal experience and over......

May 21, 2020 |

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Q&A: Plan for Today and Tomorrow

Before becoming Vena’s CFO, Darrell Cox spent most of his career in FP&A seeing what planning processes worked for some companies that thrived and what proved costly for others. He has long advocated for integrated business planning and tearing down da......

May 12, 2020 |

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Vena Nation Week: In Conversation with Alex Banayan

Alex Banayan is the youngest bestselling business author in American history. When he was just 18 years old, Alex ventured out of his college dorm room and embarked on a seven-year mission with one goal in mind: uncovering the success stories behind some o......

May 6, 2020 |

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Vena Nation Week: In Conversation with Ryan Patel

Ryan Patel is a world-renowned authority on global business, political economy and corporate governance. He’s also a frequent economic contributor on networks including CNN, BBC, CNBC and Fox Business. Not only is Ryan a featured keynote speaker at Vena Na......

May 1, 2020 |

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Vena Nation Week: In Conversation with Jack McCullough

A featured keynote speaker at virtual learning and conference experience Vena Nation week, Jack McCullough has built a career around empowering CFOs, helping them to evolve from senior accountants to see success as strategic partners to the business and ar......

April 29, 2020 |

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