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Highlights From Vena Nation Week 2021: Day Four

June 18, 2021 Tanya Goncalves  
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giphyWe just wrapped up our last day of Vena Nation week and what a great week we had! We want to thank everyone for their hard work and amazing contributions to make Vena Nation week such a great experience.

Today we had Mark Donovan, President of Kansas City Chiefs, sit down with Vena CEO Hunter Madeley to talk about building winning teams. We also had the The Beyond FP&A Panel, which was CPE/CPD accredited for all those in attendance. That panel focused on how Capstone Infrastructure, the Arizona Cardinals and Vena’s finance pros standardized processes, systems and reporting to serve as strategic business partners. Last but certainly not least, we had Liam Bastick (of SumProduct) walk us through Effective Data Storytelling in Excel.

Sadly this is our last day, but if you missed it (or anything else during the week), be sure to check out Plan To Grow in the coming weeks for any missed sessions. Here are  our highlights from day four.

Top Talks of the Day

KansisCityChiefs#1 How To Build Winning Teams With the Kansas City Chiefs
“I look for someone who understands how to be a really good teammate. Someone who understands the importance of hard work across the board.” - Mark Donovan, President of the Kansas City Chiefs

FP&A Panel (1)#2 The Beyond FP&A Panel
“With Vena, our budget managers embraced the change of returning to an Excel based platform because that’s where they were comfortable.”

SumProduct-1#3 Effective Data Storytelling in Excel With SumProduct

“If you are telling a story you can’t assume that everybody knows everything right from the get-go, so you’ve got to give them some sort of recollection.”

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Don’t Forget To Join Us on Plan To Grow

Stay tuned to check out and enjoy Vena Nation week on Plan To Grow in case you missed it!

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