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Highlights From Vena Nation Week 2021: Day One

June 15, 2021 Tanya Goncalves  
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giphyToday was the first day of Vena Nation week and we had some fantastic talks from our speakers, including Vena CEO Hunter Madeley and Vena CFO Darrell Cox. We even had influencer Chandoo join in on day one.

We still have 3 days left to enjoy Vena Nation week. Check out our top talks of the day and more below:

Top Talks of the Day

Hunter#1 Find the Strength in Your Numbers With Hunter Madeley
“When the world was trying to figure out what was going to happen next, finance teams were at the forefront trying to forecast and adapt.”

Darrell#2 The Evolution of the Strategic CFO With Darrell Cox
“Think big. When you think about setting something up or analyzing something, are you learning from it?”


Chandoo#3 The Ultimate Excel Shortcuts With Chandoo
“This is what I mean by XLookUp is natively array capable, you can use this powerful functionality of XLookUp to get an entire range of values and send them across the screen like this.”

Hot off the Vena Nation Press

  1. 10 Reasons To Attend Vena Nation Week 2021
  2. Get Ready To Be Inspired by Our Vena Nation Week Speakers
  3. Excel Nerds Unite in the Ultimate Community
  4. Finding Balance: Career and Motherhood Tips From a Modern CFO

Don’t Forget To Join Us for Day 2! giphy (2)

We still have 3 days left to enjoy Vena Nation week and that includes: 

  • 20+ talks to watch live and on demand
  • 6 live and interactive sessions to attend and participate in
  • Don’t forget our influencer sessions with Rainn Wilson, SumProduct and Finance Femme on June 16
  • Plus, Vena customers get access to additional exclusive roundtables and training sessions

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