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Highlights From Vena Nation Week 2021: Day Two

June 16, 2021 Tanya Goncalves  
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giphyToday was the second day of Vena Nation week and we had some great talks that we wanted to highlight. Our COO Tina Goulbourne and our Vice President of Revenue Operations & Strategy, Burzin Contractor talk about the ultimate business planning playbook. We had our finance-led collaboration exchange and our influencers SumProduct (Liam Bastick) and Finance Femme take the lead as part of the top talks of the day.

We still have two days left to enjoy Vena Nation week. Check out our highlights of the day below:

Top Talks of the Day

Tina&Burzin#1 The Ultimate Business Planning Playbook With Tina Goulbourne and Burzin Contractor
“The best business planning in the world isn’t going to do you any good unless you execute.” —Tina Goulborne, Vena COO

SumProduct#2 Creating Effective Spreadsheets in Excel With SumProduct
“How often have you taken a block of calculations in Excel and copied it somewhere else and something has gone wrong?”

FinanceFemme#3 Life and Business Hacks With Finance Femme
“There is nothing more logical than numbers in finance, because one plus one will almost certainly always equal two.”

Hot off the Vena Nation Press

  1. 10 Reasons To Attend Vena Nation Week 2021
  2. Get Ready To Be Inspired by Our Vena Nation Week Speakers
  3. Excel Nerds Unite in the Ultimate Community
  4. Finding Balance: Career and Motherhood Tips From a Modern CFO
  5. 3 Reasons Why You and Your Organization Should Be Using Power BI
  6. 3 Offseason Planning Tips for Finance Teams in Professional Sports 

Don’t Forget To Join Us for Day Three! giphy (1)

We still have two days left to enjoy Vena Nation week and that includes:

  • 20+ talks to watch live and on demand
  • 4 live and interactive sessions 
  • Don’t forget our influencer sessions with Chandoo and Jeanne Lam on June 17
  • Plus, Vena customers get access to additional exclusive roundtables and training sessions at Vena Nation week

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