Integrated Planning

Evan is a creative storyteller with a passion for innovative technology. As an Area Sales Manager with Vena (and formerly a Content Marketing Specialist), Evan is always experimenting with new ways to inspire finance professionals so he can help them thrive in their roles as strategic, forward-thinking business partners. (3)

3 Keys to Integrated Planning Success

February 24, 2018 |

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The Shape of CPM to Come

A research firm predicts ERP will encroach on corporate performance management, but let’s get a few things straight first. In a battle between enterprise resource planning and corporate performance management, everybody loses. What ultimately matters to al......

March 3, 2017 |

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The Race to Embrace Cloud-Based CPM Is Accelerating Quickly

Fresh data on adoption and use case scenarios for business intelligence software indicates we’re reaching a tipping point away from on-premise deployments and towards a complete embrace of cloud-based CPM. You have to crawl before you can walk, but eventua......

February 10, 2017 |

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In the Kingdom of CPM Usability, Excel is King

A good rewording of the “if a tree falls in the forest” phrase could be “if you buy a solution but no one uses it, is it a solution at all?” As we’ve discussed in the past, corporate performance management (CPM) solutions are becoming a priority for organi......

December 16, 2016 |

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Where Dashboards Fit Into Financial Risk Management

According to new research, there are interesting times for CFOs — maybe a little too interesting. No one is completely sure who said it, but the ancient curse “May you live in interesting times” seems almost specifically designed for CFOs and their teams. ......

October 31, 2016 |

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The Integrated Business Planning Imperative

There’s never going to be a perfect time to take a more holistic approach to budgeting. The only perfect time is now. You can’t procrastinate on the financial close. There’s no putting off forecasting. Annual reports cannot, by definition, come out less th......

October 16, 2016 |

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‘Enterprise Spreadsheets’ Lead to Smarter Performance Management

When it comes to corporate performance management (CPM), Enterprise Excel combines flexibility while eliminating spreadsheet problems—top–performers know to embrace both. Finance pros can’t live without Excel. If there are any doubts, you need just look at......

October 8, 2016 |

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The Happy Epilogue All Those ERP Horror Stories Could Have

No one will come out directly and say they hate ERP necessarily, but this headline sums up what may be the problem: “Turning On ERP Systems Can Turn Off People.” This was the title of an article published by a pair of consultants from Belgium-based TriFina......

August 27, 2016 |

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Game Changer: Everything you Need to Know About the Excel API

You don’t have to be in software development to see a recent move from Microsoft as a boon for spreadsheet loyalists everywhere. Finance professionals and other business leaders are so busy focusing on KPIs that they might not feel they have time to pay at......

August 11, 2016 |

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Blue Hill Validates Vena’s ‘Embrace Excel’ Approach to Performance Management

For anyone who wonders why spreadsheets can’t simply be the de facto interface for data, Blue Hill believes that Vena has taken a novel approach that is now being validated by a market and a round of investment typically associated with rapid market growth......

August 11, 2016 |

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