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Certent and Vena Team Up to Streamline Financial Compliance & Performance Management

July 29, 2015 Evan Webster  
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Pleasanton, CA – July 29, 2015 – Certent, a leading provider of software as a service (SaaS) solutions for equity compensation management, financial reporting for ASC718, and regulatory disclosures with the SEC, announces a strategic partnership with Vena Solutions, a leader in cloud-based Corporate Performance Management (CPM).

Vena’s approach to CPM turns Microsoft® Excel® into an enterprise-class business solution with a centralized database, workflow and business rules. As a result, finance leaders can trust the security, accuracy and integrity of their numbers, while benefiting from the flexibility and unmatched computing power of Excel.

Certent’s Disclosure Management platform accesses the financial performance data within Vena and allows users to link this data across Microsoft products, updating tables and content from spreadsheets directly into regulatory documents in Microsoft Word and management and board reports in Microsoft PowerPoint. By connecting the reporting process from one step to the next, companies increase efficiency and maintain one version of the truth.

Once the data is in the Disclosure Management platform, teams can collaboratively edit, comment on, and review financial disclosures simultaneously – including XBRL tagging. The platform also enables the reporting team to easily generate, present, and exchange data both internally and externally. Users can prepare SEC-compliant submissions, XBRL, and EDGARized HTML based upon a single source document and file directly with the SEC.

“The Vena/Certent partnership came about because both companies share the perspective of allowing users to leverage advanced technology in the environment they prefer to work in, Microsoft Excel,” said John Neider, Director of Partnerships and Alliances for Certent.

“Trusted, up to date numbers are the cornerstone of effective financial management, nowhere more so than in regulatory reporting and compliance,” said Don Mal, CEO of Vena Solutions. “With Certent, our customers can maintain that trust in the numbers from the earliest planning stages right through to regulatory filings, all within the familiar environment of Excel. And that translates into smarter decisions and more informed stakeholders.”


Certent makes it easier for companies to meet their financial compliance requirements. Certent’s user-friendly, web-based technology streamlines equity plan management, financial reporting for ASC718, and financial filings (in XBRL and HTML) with the U.S. SEC. With technology based on in-depth accounting expertise, an open ecosystem of industry partners, and an expert services organization focused on customer success, Certent has helped more than 1,300 companies worldwide innovate their financial compliance processes.


Vena Solutions has redefined how companies automate their most mission-critical finance, accounting and business processes. Our platform embraces the best of Microsoft® Excel®, extending and evolving its capabilities to create a next-generation enterprise solution that is powerful, yet intuitive. Vena is a first-to-market solution that offers the most comprehensive suite of cloud-based corporate performance management (CPM) capabilities with a quick deployment methodology – all without compromising what you love best about Excel. For more information please visit

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