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The Immersive Collaboration Tool Everybody’s Already Using

May 10, 2017 |

A survey says workers would be a lot more productive if the systems they use were more interactive. The solution may already be within reach.

Stop what you’re doing. Close your most recent files and sign out of your usual applications. It’s time to do some group problem-solving, and that means it’s time for all of us to boot up our team collaboration system instead.

Businesses may see greater risk from changing a system that ‘works’ for today, rather than adapting and evolving for the future.

It’s hard to imagine that kind of scenario actually happening, isn’t it? Maybe it explains why so many group-oriented systems, including most intranets, never seem to get used. Collaboration isn’t something that happens in its own silo. You only get people working together regularly when it doesn’t require them radically changing the way they’re already working.

Some helpful proof was recently captured in a survey, the results of which were reported by ZDNet. Those polled said the right approach to collaboration could make them 65% more productive.

Insights gained from at the show indicated a strong demand for immersive systems. Almost 89 percent of those polled “agree” or “strongly agree” that engaging with information in a more interactive and immersive way would help complex business problem-solving. Immersive collaboration includes spatial, multi-dimensional, and interactive components. Yet only half (52 percent) of survey respondents said their existing office collaboration system is immersive.

All Together Now!

There is no shortage of companies trying to solve this problem, but the proposals sound a lot like all the other great tools that are constantly pitched to large enterprises. It can just be too difficult to make the leap from one way of operating to another. That was the same conclusion of an EY researcher who wrote a post that touched on these issues as they affect the CFO’s team in particular:

Many finance functions today also inhabit a world of batch-based legacy systems, often with multiple instances, complex processes and deeply embedded, disparate sources of data. Companies have invested huge sums over a number of years in making these systems stable,” he wrote. “Paradoxically, it is this stability that could potentially pose the greatest obstacle to change. Businesses may see greater risk from changing a system that ‘works’ for today, rather than adapting and evolving for the future.”

If we think about collaboration, what really ‘works’ today? What tends to be the system in which knowledge workers from finance to marketing and sales spend a great deal of their time, which they can easily share and which gets put up on the screen in the most essential boardroom meetings?

Yup, you guessed it; it’s Excel.

Spreadsheets are what we all use. You can collaborate on spreadsheets. Easily. Integrating data from disparate sources will only make them more immersive. Excel might never be defined as a “collaboration system” anytime soon, but that’s okay. Office workers will be too busy solving important problems together to even notice.

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