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Vena's Guide to TLS 1.2

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Vena is updating its data security protocols. Here's what you need to know.


At Vena, we will never stray from our commitment to keeping your data safe. That's why our dedicated team of developers works hard to ensure our software meets the highest standards of data security.

In order to continue providing a secure, modern service for our customers, we're updating our security measures to align with industry best practices. Starting on February 16, 2021, Vena will no longer support connections with applications running on TLS 1.0 or TLS 1.1. Moving forward, Vena will only support TLS 1.2.

In order to avoid a service disruption, you might need to take a few quick steps to keep your security features up to date. Here's everything you need to know about Vena's TLS 1.2 upgrade and what it means for your team:

What is TLS?

TLS stands for Transport Layer Security. It's a series of computing protocols that ensures communications between web-based applications are secure and safe from tampering. 

In Vena, TLS is what keeps your information private. It's the reason you and your teammates are the only ones who can access your financial data. TLS also makes sure that any source systems you've integrated with Vena--like your general ledger, for example--can communicate safely with our database. 

Why is Vena Upgrading to TLS 1.2?

TLS version 1.0 was introduced in 1999 and TLS 1.1 was released in 2006. Both versions have known vulnerabilities and are being completely phased out in 2020. These updates have been mandated across the globe by regulators such as the Internet Engineering Task Force, the National Institute for Standards and Technology and the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council.

Vena's upgrade to TLS 1.2 is standard practice and consistent with industry norms. By upgrading our security protocols, we can continue to provide customers with a world-class, finance-led planning solution that aligns with global security standards.

What Does This Mean for Me?

Once Vena moves to TLS 1.2, any inbound connections relying on versions 1.0 or 1.1 will be met with an error message. Follow these simple steps to avoid any service interruptions as we shift over to TLS 1.2:

1. Upgrade Your Vena Excel Add-In

All Vena users should be vigilant about upgrading to the latest version of the Vena Excel Add-In. As long as you're using the version that was released in November 2019 (1.2019.1112.1204) or later, you're good to go.

Click here for instructions on how to upgrade your Vena Excel Add-In.  

NOTE: Mac users who are using the Vena Connector do not need to take any action as updates occur automatically.

2. Update Java to TLS 1.2

If you've enabled data transfers in Vena using our Command Line ETL tool, you'll need to update Java to a version that supports TLS 1.2. If you don't, automated data transfers between Vena and your source systems will stop working.

Click here to learn how to update Java and avoid any roadblocks in your ETL process.

3. Use a Supported Web Browser

This shouldn't be an issue, as most web browsers have already updated to support TLS 1.2. However, it's worth noting that Chrome is the browser we recommend for using Vena.

Plan for Today and Tomorrow With Secure, Reliable Data

By following the steps above, you'll be able to continue using Vena as we work to serve you better with new and improved security protocols. You rely on Vena to plan for the future of your business, and we will never lose sight of that trust you've placed in us. Our upgrade to TLS 1.2 is just the latest example of our commitment to providing secure, reliable and user-friendly solutions to help finance and operations teams plan for today and tomorrow.

Our move to TLS 1.2 goes live on February 16, 2021. For more details, check out this support article or contact Vena's Support Team.


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