Your Path To Career Success Starts Here
Value and protect Customer Trust with every decision and every action.
Our customers’ trust is our most important asset—we value it above all else. We act to WOW with integrity and selflessness and know that each customer interaction is an opportunity to strengthen our relationship. We care deeply about helping them grow and succeed. We always act with their best interests in mind.
One Team. One Purpose. Many Voices.
We trust in each other and are united in the service of our customers and our purpose. Collaboration, transparency, and mutual trust form the foundation of our team culture. Every voice and action matters. We aren’t afraid to take initiative because we’re Upstanders, not bystanders, all of us active contributors to Vena’s culture and growth.
Be humble, be empathetic, be you.
We perform best when we treat each other with respect and when we empower one another. We strive to provide the space and freedom for Venanites to be themselves and to create a deep sense of belonging and togetherness. We act everyday to build inclusion into our VNA and understand that it is our many dimensions of diversity that give us strength and push us to think differently and be better.
Execute with passion.
We take pride in executing at an exceptional level. We pursue mastery and are keen to learn and teach. Our successes and failures provide welcomed opportunity for reflection and evolution. We adapt and grow together, supporting one another and holding each other accountable to the very highest standards of performance.

Perks & Benefits

Total Rewards
Grow with Vena and celebrate its success with our Employee Stock Option Program (ESOP). Invest in your future with our Retirement Savings Matching Program. We also provide dental and health benefits through our employer group plan.
Career Growth
Put yourself in the driver’s seat of your career at Vena. Sharpen your skills, pursue your interests and chart your growth towards a new position or leadership role either on your current team or a new one.
Teamwork & Collaboration
Every voice, action and idea matters at Vena. Join one of our many Vena Resource Groups as they support, promote and advocate for a diverse and inclusive culture within our workplace.
Fun Events
Work and play. With our online socials, team-building activities, virtual holiday celebrations, games challenges, movie nights and more, we always have exciting events on the go at Vena.
Competitive Salaries
We offer a competitive salary and benefits package that reflects the value you bring to Vena.
Health & Fitness
Stay healthy, happy and connected at work with our virtual wellness sessions. Take an online yoga class, join a meditation group and participate in one of the many mental health initiatives at Vena.
Flexible Working Arrangements
We offer flexible working arrangements that include working remotely or on site. We have offices in Toronto, Canada and in London, England.
Personal Education
We invest in your job training, professional development and continuing education. Join our ongoing learning and development labs. Take courses in your field, earn new certification or buy books, resources and tools with our Education Subsidy.
Conferences & Events
Network with your peers worldwide, learn industry best practices and gain new skills. We pay for you to attend live and virtual conferences, events, talks and more. We also distribute free tickets for events we sponsor.

Life at Vena

At Vena, we know that our differences are what make us stronger. We want you to bring your whole self to work because we’re all better off when we have a variety of voices at the table.