Extended Planning

Vena for Extended Planning (xP&A)
Integrate your financial, operational and other business data to uncover your hidden insights and dependencies between departments.

Align Your Teams With Integrated Business Planning

Move beyond FP&A and bring all of your departments together so everyone in the business can see the big picture. With xP&A, you can showcase your data in a language everyone can understand—using the Excel interface everyone is familiar with. Plan to grow together with our integrated business planning software.
Seamless Data Integrations. Trustworthy Numbers.

Seamless Data Integrations. Trustworthy Numbers.

Our integrated business planning software gives you the confidence that can only come from a clear and accurate view of your business. Our integrations connect your finance and operations source systems with ease.
Keep Your Data in Good Hands With Enterprise-Grade Security

Keep Your Data in Good Hands With Enterprise-Grade Security

Our advanced security features give you the ability to control data access and manage permissions down to the individual user level so the right people have access to the right information.
Be Ready for Anything With Advanced Financial Modeling

Power xP&A With Advanced Financial Modeling

Test your assumptions across the business so you can make integrated business planning decisions based on insight, not instinct. xP&A empowers every department to move in lock step and enables you to plan with attention

One Complete Planning Platform. Endless Use Cases.

Experience the power of Complete Planning. Vena automates your most important finance, accounting and business processes so you can spend more time on delivering the strategic insights and analysis that drive your plan to grow
Cash Flow Planning

Cash Flow Planning

Adjust your assumptions and cash flow plans at a moment’s notice so you can see the ripple effect down to the bottom line.
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Workforce Planning

Plan and report at the individual personnel level, from taxes and salaries to fringe benefits and more.
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CapEx Planning

CapEx Planning

Integrate detailed capex plans into your operations and budget plans for both future and existing projects and asset acquisitions.
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Revenue Planning

Revenue Planning

Create and manage detailed revenue plans based on all your key operational metrics with adjust and pivot capabilities.
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Sales Planning

Sales Planning

Take charge of your territory and quota planning, forecasting, reporting and analytics processes with Vena.
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Transform Excel into Your Ultimate xP&A Solution

Excel is the most commonly used finance and operations planning system in the world for a reason—it’s flexible, universal, and easy to use. But it isn’t built for growth. Vena's Complete Planning platform leverages our best-in-class templates to get up and running in record time.

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Gain Insights with Ad Hoc Reporting

Discover how to quickly build ad-hoc reports in Vena so you can free up more time for analysis.

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Collaboratively Analyze and Adjust Forecasts

Perform variance analysis while seeing how Vena makes it easy for you to drill into your numbers and update forecasts.

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Analyze Your Company’s Financial Health

Learn how Vena’s Choosebox can help you slice and dice data for faster analysis of your company’s financial health.

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YES Communities Reduces Budgeting Time by 50% With Vena

Vena's centralized reporting hub provides a single source of truth for more than 200 cross-functional users.

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