Vena Fundamentals: A Free Financial Planning Tool for Small Businesses

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Get started with Excel templates powered by Vena’s Complete Planning platform

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Create better budgets, automate variance analysis and plan with confidence

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100% free forever. No credit card required.

Try Vena Fundamentals—a free version of Vena's award-winning Complete Planning platform.

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How Does Vena Fundamentals Work?

Vena leverages the flexibility of Microsoft Excel—the world’s leading spreadsheet platform—within a powerful, intuitive and easy-to-use business planning ecosystem. Get started with Vena Fundamentals today and see why over 1,200 leading organizations plan to grow with Vena.

How Can Vena Fundamentals Help My Organization?

Build Your Financial Plans

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  • Build your budgets, forecasts and ad-hoc scenarios in your customizable small business budget template.
  • Securely store your data in Vena’s centralized database.
  • Easily manage all your plans through one Excel worksheet. Financial planning for small businesses has never been this easy.

Analyze Variances

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  • Plan at a department level. Each department will automatically be rolled up in your variance report.
  • Compare scenarios with automatic variance analysis.
  • Get insights into your data by drilling down on a projection to see the details that make up that number.

Small Business Budgeting Software With Big Capabilities



Jumpstart your growth journey with income statement planning and variance analysis templates that incorporate best practices learned from working with successful small businesses just like yours.

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Central Database

Say goodbye to multiple spreadsheet versions, managing offline templates and massive workbooks that take forever to load. With Vena, all your plans are stored in our centralized database.

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Ad-hoc scenario building made simple. With just one click, you can copy data from your existing scenario to create a new scenario. Less manual work, more time back in your day.

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Data Security

The security and integrity of your data is crucial. That’s why our small business budgeting software uses customer data isolation, AES 256-bit encryption for customer data keys, TLS 1.2 encryption for data transfers and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Yes. Vena Fundamentals is a completely free financial software for small businesses. No credit card required.

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    We’re glad you asked. Vena is the only Native Excel Complete Planning Platform. Over 1,200 leading organizations power their plan to grow with Vena. And with awards from G2, Gartner, TrustRadius and Nucleus Research, we think you’ll love Vena as much as our incredible customers do.

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    Yes. Vena Fundamentals is ERP agnostic so you can add in your data from any source system.

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    No. Vena Fundamentals was designed to help financial planning for small businesses—and it will remain free for you to use indefinitely. And you can upgrade to Vena’s Complete Planning Platform whenever you like.

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    Yes. Vena Fundamentals’ cloud based technology and customizable Excel templates gives you the flexibility to adjust your budgeting process to your needs.

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    Yes. Getting buy-in from your whole team is easy with Vena Fundamentals because it’s completely free. Plus, our self-serve setup and familiar Excel interface make onboarding a snap.

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    Our financial reporting software for small businesses uses cloud-based technology so you can say goodbye to heavy Excel files, turn multiple spreadsheet tabs into one and eliminate offline, disconnected worksheets.

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    Our financial forecasting software for small businesses leverages a 100% native Excel interface—and adds centralized cloud storage, a web interface for maintaining your chart of accounts and pre-built and customizable templates to help with small business financial projections and budgeting.

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    Yes. Vena’s cloud storage and audit trail capabilities allow you to view the history of your spreadsheet and roll back to previous versions or plans when needed.

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    Yes. With Vena, you don’t need to abandon Excel to scale. Vena Fundamentals is perfect for small teams or businesses that are growing. Vena Fundamentals is easy to set up, builds on your existing processes and shows you the power of Vena’s Complete Planning Platform.

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