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Power Your Business With Vena's Growth Engine
The Vena Growth Engine is designed to help businesses like yours connect people, processes and systems so you can streamline and scale your plan to grow.
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Collaboration and Analysis

CPM Software That Promotes Growth

The Vena Growth Engine has everything you need to plan your business for today and tomorrow. We’ve combined best-in-class technology and methodology—created by our team of Experts—with the world’s leading grid, Excel, to bring you Vena Complete Planning. Vena is the only CPM software robust enough for enterprise-level scalability, performance and extensibility, yet simple enough that anyone in your business can use it.

Jumpstart Your Growth Journey With Pre-Configured Solutions

Accelerate your time to value with Vena’s pre-configured solutions, powered by Vena’s Growth Engine. A prescriptive approach for your corporate performance management, our pre-configured solutions are your ultimate planning foundation and are built to meet your business and industry requirements.
Onboard With Support From Vena’s Team of Experts
Start your planning journey off on the right foot.
Get Up and Running in a Matter of Weeks
Accelerate your time-to-value and get growing quickly.
Leverage Templates, Connectors and Data Models
Onboard with support from Vena’s team of experts.
Scale and Adapt Vena to Your Business as It Grows
Drive growth at scale with a complete planning platform.
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Experience Vena Complete Planning With Endless Capabilities

See into the future with advanced modeling capabilities and discover how any situation could affect your business. Track, audit and review your corporate performance management processes with an intuitive workflow builder. Control data access and manage permissions down to the individual user level to keep your data safe and sound. And use our CPM software’s audit trail feature to ensure you always know where your data is coming from so you can quickly identify who made what changes to which cell and when.
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Plan With the Power of Unified Data and Seamless Integrations

Effortless integrations lead to efficient reporting and instant insights with Vena. Our CPM software brings the data from your existing systems into our centralized database so you can say goodbye to the spreadsheet search and hello to a planning process that works for you. And with automatic data loading and easy ways to check for updates, you can always be sure that you’re working from the most current actuals.

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A Configuration for Every Step on Your Journey to Growth

We know the road to growth isn’t linear, so we’ve created Vena Complete Planning to power your plan to grow with guided insights.
Finance-led Planning
Vena for Finance-Led Planning
Double your output without doubling your efforts. With our Finance-Led Planning configuration, you can streamline your most important corporate performance management processes, such as budgeting, forecasting, financial reporting, strategic planning, management reporting and business-wide reporting and analysis.
Extended Planning
Vena for Extended Planning
Communicate in a language your team will understand, increase adoption and keep your business growing. Our Extended Planning configuration helps you accelerate your cash flow planning, workforce planning, capital expense planning, detailed revenue and operational planning and more. And take charge of your sales compensation planning, reporting and analytics with our Incentive Compensation Management pre-configured solution.
Beyond Planning
Vena for Beyond Planning
Look beyond the data and into the future. With Beyond Planning, you’re able to unify your processes and gain the visibility you need to move your business forward. Create a business plan for any department with custom solutions and bring your spreadsheets into Vena to enhance your forecasting, modeling and analytical capabilities—because anything Excel can do, Vena can do better. And complete your financial consolidation, account reconciliation and tax provisioning processes in record time with our Financial Close Management pre-configured solution.

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