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Accelerate Your Financial Close with Fluence

Episode 10

Discover how you can bridge the gap between FP&A and accounting, while also accelerating your financial close with Fluence. See how leveraging a best-of-breed approach to the office of finance by combining Vena Solutions with Fluence’s financial close, consolidation, and report management platform.

Headshot of Gurp Gahunia on a green background
Gurp Gahunia

VP Partner Channels

Headshot of James Glau on a green background
James Glau

Director of Solutioning Financial Close

Headshot of Corey Bidmead on a green background
Corey Bidmead

VP Global Channels

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Episode 12

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Episode 13

Financial Modeling in Excel Using Dynamic Arrays

Learn how to build models with dynamic arrays that are easy to audit, hard to break and contain fewer formulas.

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