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Jumpstart your plan to grow with our library of free financial excel templates. Templates are available to everyone—all you need to get started is a copy of Microsoft Excel.

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View all of our free marketing and financial excel templates for FP&A and beyond. New templates are added every month.

  • Budget vs Actual Report

    Budget vs Actual Report

    Use this Budget vs. Actual Template to calculate and visualize variance across different timeframes and accounts.

  • OpEx Budget

    OpEx Budget

    Plan operating expenses by category and use our dashboard to compare expenses across prior year, current year and plan year.

  • Revenue Projection

    Revenue Projection

    Plan revenue, quantity of units sold and cost of sales for all of your products with this Revenue Projection Template.

  • What-If Analysis

    What-If Analysis

    Try our Financial Modeling Template to model different monthly forecasting scenarios and view variances between forecasted inputs and scenario models.

  • Rolling Forecast

    Rolling Forecast

    Improve your operating expense forecasting. Choose from multiple planning methods, view trendlines and variances and more.

  • Commission Tracking

    Commission Tracking

    Track payouts for all your reps, view your quota attainment dashboard and more—all within Excel.

  • CapEx Budgeting

    CapEx Budgeting

    Track new and existing assets, choose from various depreciation methods and more with our free CapEx Budgeting Template.

  • Income Statement

    Income Statement

    Input and review all your revenue and expense actuals by month and broken down by department and entity with this free Income Statement Template for Excel.

  • Balance Sheet

    Balance Sheet

    View all your reported actuals and plan in one place. And adjust the scenario selection for each corresponding month to measure performance against plan.

  • Executive Dashboard

    Executive Dashboard

    View all of your Financial, Operational, People and Customer KPIs in one Excel template.

  • Marketing Campaign Report

    Marketing Campaign Report

    Track ad spend across platforms, see your top performing campaigns and view KPIs such as clicks, CPL, MQLs, ROAS and closed won.

  • Marketing Dashboard

    Marketing Dashboard

    View a high level summary of your sourced and influenced ARR, see a breakdown of your spend by quarter and track the performance of your lead funnel.

  • Marketing Pipeline

    Marketing Pipeline

    Track pipeline creation, closed won and lost ARR, win rate, year over year variance and more.

  • Simple Marketing Budget

    Simple Marketing Budget

    Track current and projected spend for your departments and ad platforms so you can plan with confidence.

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