Complete Planning for SaaS

A Pre-Configured Planning Solution for SaaS
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Get a head start on your plan to grow

Vena’s Pre-Configured SaaS solution is designed to get you up and running quickly. We’re a SaaS company ourselves, so we understand your business model. We make getting a hold of your key metrics simple and efficient with data connectors, best practices and a preloaded set of templates built specifically for you. Plan for software and other sources of revenue, operating expenses, capital expenditures, balance sheets, and indirect cash flow—all within the familiar Excel interface.

Experience SaaS satisfaction with effortless data integrations

With your financial, customer and prospect, contract and HRIS data all stored in different systems, updating your actuals in your templates can be time consuming. Not with Vena. Vena integrates with your existing ERP, CRM, HRIS, GL and operational systems so you can keep everything in check and ensure that your templates are always updated with the latest data.
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Deliver stunning SaaS dashboards with your key metrics

Share instant insights with your key stakeholders, employees and investors so you can power your plan to grow by leveraging our intuitive SaaS dashboards. Vena makes it easy for you to report on and show off key metrics like committed ARR, average ARR, SaaS churn rate, subscriber count, CAC, LTV and more so you can efficiently forecast and manage your sales pipeline.

Plan with purpose. Pivot with ease.

When it comes to SaaS modelling and planning, you need to be able to pivot quickly to changing market conditions. Vena empowers you to stay agile by allowing you to test the implications of your business plans against assumptions about existing and future scenarios using scenario modelling and “what-if” analysis. And you can stay flexible by using a bottom-up plan for every prospect and customer while also performing top down adjustments (by sales territory and product) in the familiar Excel interface to adjust and reconcile your revenue, ARR and gross margin plans.
Corcentric plans with confidence

“Because we’re providing managers with so much useful information now, they’re coming back and asking for more, and more and more.”

Sylvia VanHees, Program Accounting Manager at Corcentric

Solutions to Help Power Your Plan to Grow

Vena has the technology and methodology for your SaaS needs. Discover how you can confidently plan for today and tomorrow with rolling forecasts, CapEx and OpEx planning, revenue planning and more.

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