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SaaS Financial Planning and Reporting Made Simple

With Vena for SaaS, you can hit the ground running with proven SaaS dashboards, templates and modeling tools—all within the Excel interface.
Revenue Planning (3)

SaaS Revenue Planning

Forecast and track ARR, subscription revenue, services and other revenue, deferred revenue, cost of sales, gross margin, cash flow impact and more. And plan ARR by stream, customer and territory.
Budgeting and Forecasting Icon

Budgeting and Forecasting

With intuitive workflows, seamless integrations and unlimited SaaS modeling, you’ll complete your budgets and forecasts in record time and with total confidence, including ASC 606 Amortization and Capitalization templates.
Financial Reporting

Visual SaaS Reporting & Analytics

Leverage pre-built SaaS dashboards to report on LTV:CAC ratio, logo count, # of subscribers, committed ARR, net new ARR, revenue by product, SaaS churn rates, average contract value and more.
Scenario Modeling


Easily reforecast to ensure you have accurate and sufficient pipeline opportunities to meet your gross profit goals.

SaaS Dashboards and Planning Tools To Help You Track Churn Rates and Plan With Agility

We’re a SaaS company ourselves so we know how important it is to be able to accurately forecast revenue streams and SaaS churn rates, report on key metrics and move with agility.
Scenario Modeling (2)

Scenario Modeling

Integrate customer pipeline, renewal and churn forecasts data into “what-if” scenario analysis to see how changes in contract attributes and timelines will alter your forecasts. And use our versioning tool to capture and compare multiple versions of your plan.
Board Reporting

Board Reporting

Deliver stunning SaaS dashboards with all of your most important metrics to your board, employees and investors.
Top-down and Bottom-up Planning

Top-Down and Bottom-Up Planning

Adjust your bottom up plan for every prospect and customer while also performing top-down adjustments (by sales territory, product) to adjust and reconcile your revenue, ARR and gross margin plans.
Variance Reporting

Variance Reporting

Automatically integrate actuals and forecasts to produce your financial statements and variance reports
Automatically load existing contracts and pipeline data from your source systems into our templates.
Leverage what-if analysis and models to change assumptions on contract attributes and timelines.
Reporting & Analytics
Instantly share all of your key metrics with stakeholders using easy-to-understand SaaS dashboards.

An Award-Winning Partner To Guide You on Your Path to Success

Trust your numbers with effortless integrations and automatic data loading

Trust Your Numbers With Effortless Integrations and Automatic Data Loading

Gain a single source of truth and say goodbye to copying and pasting numbers by connecting your source systems and favorite cloud applications to Vena.
General Ledger and Subledger

General Ledger and Subledger

Load contract data into your templates from systems such as Microsoft Dynamics GP and SL, NetSuite, Quickbooks, Sage Intacct, Oracle and more.


Automatically sync customer, prospect and other sales pipeline data from your CRM software to your templates so you can trust that you’re always working with the latest numbers.
HRIS and Payroll Systems (2)

HRIS and Payroll Systems

With our Workforce Planning add-on, you can bring in data from HRIS and payroll systems such as Paylocity, ADP, Ceridian, Paychex, Paycom and Ultipro.
Excel and CSV Files

Excel and CSV Files

Keep all of your hard-won spreadsheets, models and flat files. Import your existing Excel and CSV files from local systems or cloud storage applications such as Dropbox, OneDrive, SFTP and SharePoint.

Financial Templates Built for SaaS

Our experts have designed financial templates and SaaS dashboards to make getting ahold of your key metrics simple and efficient.
  • Subscription Revenue
  • SaaS Metrics Dashboard
  • Gross Margin Revenue
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Sprout Social Makes Smarter Growth Decisions With Reporting and Revenue Planning in Vena

“When we broke down our data silos and brought everything right into Vena, it really helped us look at the business from a different perspective. Revenue is always top-of-mind, but now we can dive even deeper into our expenses and gross margin with KPIs such as efficiency ratios, customer acquisition cost, lifetime value and more.”

Kristina Bittorf
Senior Manager of Finance, Sprout Social

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Vena has the technology and methodology for your SaaS needs. Discover how you can confidently plan for today and tomorrow with rolling forecasts, CapEx and OpEx planning, revenue planning and more
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Rolling Forecasts
Capex & Opex Planning
Capex & Opex Planning
Revenue Planning
Revenue Planning

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