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Streamline SaaS Planning, Reporting and Analysis With Vena

Manage all of your budgeting, planning and reporting processes with an Excel-based cloud solution that is purpose-built for SaaS organizations.

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Accurately forecast revenue, monitor and analyze key metrics and adhere to complex revenue recognition requirements with Vena for SaaS.

Top-Down Revenue Planning

Utilize the top-down planning template to project your subscription revenue based off of assumptions around average revenue per user, estimated market share and other factors.

Bottom-Up Revenue Planning

Leverage a granular approach with our bottom up planning template to project revenue based on the various factors of growth; customer segments, user adoption, churn and expansion.

ASC 606 and IFRS 15 Adherence

Automate the revenue recognition process by capturing revenue data, applying the appropriate recognition rule, and generating accurate adjustments.

Key Metrics Dashboards

Measure, monitor and analyze key SaaS metrics in real-time such as ARR, churn, subscriber count, customer acquisition cost (CAC), lifetime value (LTV) and gross margin so you can make timely, strategic businss decisions.
Vena empowers your finance team with the tools they need to improve operational efficiency, gain visibility into key metrics and influence crucial growth decisions.

Model Scenarios in Minutes

Integrate customer pipeline, renewal and churn forecasts data into “what-if” scenario analysis to see how changes in contract attributes and timelines will alter your forecasts. And use our versioning tool to capture and compare multiple versions of your plan.

Reforecast in a Flash so You Can Pivot Fast

Keeping pace with your busines is key. Vena empowers you to make changes to your budget and forecast quickly, without sacrificing your robust planning model.

Analyze and Report on Variances

Automatically integrate actuals and forecasts to produce your financial statements and variance reports.

Workflows, Version Control, User Permissions and More

Vena is packed with features designed to save you time, from mapping out your workflow and drilling into your numbers to controlling access to templates and viewing the history of your spreadsheet.
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Automatically load existing contracts and pipeline data from your source systems into our templates.
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Leverage what-if analysis and models to change assumptions on contract attributes and timelines.
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Reporting & Analytics
Instantly share all of your key metrics with stakeholders using easy-to-understand SaaS dashboards.

An Award-Winning Partner To Guide You on Your Path to Success

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Trust your numbers, gain a single source of truth and save hours on consolidations with Vena. Our powerful OLAP database technology, Vena CubeFLEX, connects your data and departments so you can spend more time analyzing your numbers and less time collecting and verifying them.

ERP/General Ledger

Integrate general ledger data from popular systems such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Sage Intacct, NetSuite and QuickBooks Online.


Sync customer, prospect and other sales pipeline data from your CRM to Vena.

HRIS and Payroll Systems

Bring in data from HRIS systems such as ADP, BambooHR, UKG, Ceridian and Paylocity.

Excel and CSV Files

Import your existing Excel templates and CSV files from local systems or cloud storage applications such as Dropbox, OneDrive, SFTP and SharePoint.

Get Planning Templates, Reports and Dashboards Built for SaaS

Save time by leveraging our pre-built (yet customizable) planning templates, reports and dashboards—which update automatically based on real-time actuals.
  • SaaS Key Metrics Dashboard
  • Subscription Revenue Planning Template (Top-Down)
  • Subscription Revenue Planning Template (Bottom-Up)
  • ASC 606 Template
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Sprout Social Gains Greater Agility for Their Long-Term Future With Reporting and Revenue Planning in Vena

Tackling the important questions gets a heck of a lot harder when you don’t have a strong data foundation. The decisions about where to spend our money, where to invest and how to grow the business just weren’t being made fast enough … you need to constantly analyze profitability and look at new metrics to influence your growth decisions. That level of agility was really missing before we had Vena.”

Kristina Bittorf
Senior Manager of Finance, Sprout Social

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