Why Vena

Central Database

All Your Data In One Place

Trust your numbers, eliminate copy and pasting and gain a single source of truth for all your data with Vena.

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Stay in the Know

When your data exists together, you can easily get at-a-glance visuals of key company metrics at any time. Knowing where you are at any time makes it easier to act quickly and confidently on challenges and opportunities that come your way. The Central Database architecture includes both relational/OLTP database and an in-memory OLAP database.

Data at Your

Vena's Central Database allows you to find the data you need, when you need it and from anywhere. Create budgets and forecasts, perform scenario analysis and build dashboards with timely data.

Get Everyone on the
Same Page

Sayonara silos. Our central database integrates and consolidates data from all your source systems so that everyone in your organization can see the complete picture when planning.

Foster Trust in
the Numbers

Work from a single source of truth and never worry about accuracy again so that you can plan with confidence.
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Get the Latest Insights

Vena's up-to-the-minute integration capabilities ensure that everyone has access to the most recent data in a standardized format that anyone can use.

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Collaborate Without Compromise

With the complexity of business, departments can no longer work in isolation. Vena connects people, processes and systems so that everyone can be a partner to the business.

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