Scale Up With
Vena and Excel

Get the only Complete Planning platform to leverage a 100% native Excel interface. With Vena, you don’t have to abandon the grid you know and love to scale.
Flexibility and Structure
With Vena, you get the best of both worlds. Leverage the strong modeling capabilities and flexibility of Excel—and the cloud database and time-saving features of Vena.
Simple and Unified
Amplify and build on work you’ve already done in Excel. Vena’s modern cloud infrastructure and database application form a Complete platform, native to Excel and without restrictions.
Trustworthy Data
Save time and effort with automated integrations and real-time data—stored in Vena’s secure cloud database. And use that data to tell the story behind your numbers with reporting, dashboards and analysis.
Not an “add-on” or afterthought, Excel is at the heart of what we do and central to our core application.

Create and Publish Templates

Use preconfigured templates, create new ones, or use existing models—all within the Excel interface. You get the full functionality of Excel, including multiple worksheets and dynamic rows and columns.

Integration and Security

Integrated workflows map data from Excel templates and reports to our database, then publish it to our controlled environment. Automated rollovers, email notifications, activity tracking, and audit trails ensure that you have complete data security and auditability.

Collaborative Input

Workflows allow for collaboration and an intuitive experience entirely in Excel. Multiple users can contribute using the familiar input experience, adding commentary, listing item details, and file uploads. The Scratch Pad window within Excel allows for rough work and ideas to be saved.

Actionable Insights

Get more from your data, including automatic aggregations and scheduled or ad-hoc reporting from the Vena database. Excel provides charting and formatting capabilities, while Vena works with Excel to allow you to slice and dice, and drill down into your data for advanced analysis.
Graph showing 84% of companies with other FP&A software keep using Excel anyway

Excel Is the Centerpiece of Vena

Excel is at the core of Vena Complete Planning, the strategic data hub that connects you to your source systems and business-wide data.

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Excel with Vena

Vena is the only Intelligent Platform for Complete Planning that’s natively integrated with Microsoft 365, driving increased financial and operational efficiency and intelligence leveraging industry-leading AI and data modeling capabilities and the productivity tools all teams already know and love, starting with Excel.

  • All Excel capabilities are built into Vena—from modeling to templates and every Excel formula
  • No IT support required—Vena can be deployed, controlled and owned by your Finance Team
  • With a familiar Excel interface, Vena empowers users at any level of your organization to adopt and master it
  • Share your work with ease—distribute reports and budgets and provide a seamless experience across your business
  • With a unified interface, you can quickly import your existing Excel templates
  • Go beyond FP&A. Vena provides cross-functional uses cases to provide you with continuous ROI

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