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See the future of AI in FP&A with Vena Copilot. Watch keynotes from finance trailblazers. Take your planning and leadership skills to the next level. Excelerate 2024 has it all.

Excelerate 2024 Sessions

Session 1

Excelerate Finance Keynote: Unlock Excellence​

Join Vena CEO Hunter Madeley for an insightful discussion how Vena is helping finance teams set a new standard for operational and strategic excellence.

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Session 2

The Future of Finance Leadership

Explore the CFO's evolving role and what strategic finance leaders can do to unlock the potential in their people and data as they contend with disruptive forces and unprecedented challenges.

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Session 3

Vena Complete Planning: The Power of Platform​

Discover how leading usability, powerful modeling, advanced analytics and AI are coming together in the industry’s most extensible CPM ecosystem to change the way finance teams shape the future for their businesses.

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Session 4

Architecting the Future of Finance: Vena Solution Innovation​

Discover how Vena uses cutting-edge technology and product innovation to create practical solutions that unlock next-level productivity and strategic capability for modern finance teams.

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Session 5

Trailblazing Finance: Innovations Beyond Limits

See how a visionary finance leader transformed the office of finance into a strategic powerhouse. Explore groundbreaking innovations in people, process and pushing technological limits to drive strategic organizational success.

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Session 6

The ROI of Complete Planning​

Hear from leading industry experts, Ian Campbell CEO of Nucleus Research and Dominic DiBernardo Partner Citrin Cooperman, on how organizations can use an ROI framework to measure the business value they are receiving from their CPM platforms.

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Session 7

Learning Lab: Mastering the Best of Excel for Finance

Amplify and accelerate your Excel skills where you'll get to learn how to unlock the power of advanced Excel capabilities such as Dynamic Arrays, Lambdas, Data Types, Microsoft Script Labs and more.

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Session 8

Vena Vision: Empowering The Future Of Finance - Now​

Witness Vena Copilot and the newest Vena innovations in AI, and see what the future holds for the modern finance function with other exciting product announcements. Plus, get a sneak peek into our Spring Release and hear from some special guests.

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Session 9

Data as Currency: Unlocking Success in Tomorrow's Finance Landscape

Discover how mastering the art of data interpretation is shaping the future of finance leadership focusing on the essential hard skills needed to excel.

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Session 10

Leveraging Excel as a Universal Glue For Organizational Success​

See how Excel can be used as a universal glue that binds generations in the workforce and explore how an enterprise organization navigated the challenges of transitioning from legacy systems to a cloud-based solution creating an organizational wide transformation.

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Session 11

Building Flexibility and Extensibility In Finance Operations

Learn how to unlock operational flexibility and achieve scalability and self-sufficiency in a dynamic business landscape with Vena and Vena Experts. Explore tangible benefits, from real-time data to historical budget storage, and implement a dynamic nine-month rolling forecast.

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Session 12

Financial Modelling World Cup: Excel Face Off

Witness the ultimate Excel showdown as Excel Nerds swiftly build financial models in real time and, from scratch, in a friendly competition. Four face off in the virtual ring and only one leaves victorious.

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Session 13

Driving Impactful Strategic Decision Making for the C-Suite

Learn how to chart an FP&A and finance roadmap to drive clear and insightful strategic decision making for the C-Suite.

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Session 14

Converting Data Into Information To Drive Enterprise Value

Learn how a market leading organization amidst hyperinflation challenges, utilized real-time insights from Vena to identify risks and take corrective action leading to stay ahead of hyperinflation, preventing margin squeezes, and maintaining shareholder value.

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Session 15

Navigating the Digital Financial Transformation Journey

Join this educational session focused on digital financial transformation, designed for forward-thinking finance professionals. This discussion will delve into the essential strategic approaches necessary for successful adaptation and thriving in a rapidly changing financial environment.

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Session 16

How Small Teams Drive BIG Growth

Discover how finance teams create operational efficiencies to drive greater alignment and strategic impact by leveraging technology to automate and secure data.

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Session 17

Building The Future Of Finance

Discover the skills required for finance leaders to drive digital transformation in the office of finance.

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Session 18

How to Scale Thousands of Budgets to Thousands of Planners

Discover how to empower over 600 budget owners and deliver 3,000 unique budgets to over 3,000+ users.

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Session 19

Excelerate Finance Keynote: Innovation And Outlook​

Join Vena CEO Hunter Madeley as he reveals innovations from the Excelerate finance community and provides and outlook for the years ahead.

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How to build a resilient business

Session 20

How to Build a Resilient Business

Join Vinny Prajka, Partner at JMI Equity to discover best practices for driving performance and protecting future business growth in a dynamic and challenging business environment, and why building business resilience is about selling good business.

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