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Session 4

Architecting the Future of Finance: Vena Solution Innovation​

Discover how Vena uses cutting-edge technology and product innovation to create practical solutions that unlock next-level productivity and strategic capability for modern finance teams.

Rishi Grover

Co-Founder and Chief Solutions Architect

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Session 5

Trailblazing Finance: Innovations Beyond Limits

See how a visionary finance leader transformed the office of finance into a strategic powerhouse. Explore groundbreaking innovations in people, process and pushing technological limits to drive strategic organizational success.

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Session 6

The ROI of Complete Planning​

Hear from leading industry experts, Ian Campbell CEO of Nucleus Research and Dominic DiBernardo Partner Citrin Cooperman, on how organizations can use an ROI framework to measure the business value they are receiving from their CPM platforms.

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Session 7

Learning Lab: Mastering the Best of Excel for Finance

Amplify and accelerate your Excel skills where you'll get to learn how to unlock the power of advanced Excel capabilities such as Dynamic Arrays, Lambdas, Data Types, Microsoft Script Labs and more.

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