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Variance Analysis Software

Deliver Detailed Budget Variance Reports
Success Stories

Vena Helps Eagle Adventure Camps Eliminate Data Discrepancies

Version control issues and dealing with large sets of data used to be a challenge for Joe Roberts, Business Analysis at Eagle Adventure Camps. With Vena’s central repository and drill down capabilities, Eagle Adventure Camps can now effectively manage data and assess how the business is performing.
Strategic Overview

Automate your variance analysis

Budget variance analysis doesn’t have to be hard. Our variance analysis software automatically consolidates your spreadsheets so you don't have to manually aggregate data. And our central data repository automatically rolls actuals into dynamic Excel templates, saving you hours of work. Whether you need to perform actual vs budget or actual vs forecast analysis, Vena has you covered.
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Get to know your numbers with budget vs actual reports

Give management the insights they need to make timely and informed decisions. Our ad hoc reporting and data visualization tools make it easy for your entire organization to understand your budget variance report. Drill-through capabilities give you instant access to source data so you can quickly uncover data discrepancies. And the commentary feature allows you to provide budget variance explanations.

Excel at more with the tool you know

With Vena’s Excel interface, your team can spend less time learning and more time doing. And audit trails, email notifications and a powerful workflow engine make it easier than ever to manage your entire variance analysis process. Plus, our actual vs budget templates help your team improve spending control and quickly spot trends.

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