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Marketing Planning and Reporting Software

Marketing Money Goes Further With Vena

Vena for Marketing gives you the capabilities of a Complete Planning platform built to help you measure ROI, track campaign performance and optimize your marketing spend.

Improve Marketing Spend Transparency

Our templates connect your marketing spend to your campaigns and provide visibility into full funnel budget attribution and associated sales velocity—whether it’s new pipeline, win rate, deal size, and cycle time attribution.

Forecast With Confidence

Power your marketing forecasting and planning by leveraging historicals from key systems so you can plan for costs, leads and revenue at both account and channel levels.

Measure and Report on KPIs

With Vena’s native Excel interface and PowerBI embedded—plus integrations with PowerPoint and Microsoft 365—creating and sharing reports with stakeholders is easy.

Increase Collaboration

With all your marketing metrics visited to all stakeholders, our marketing ROI software allows you to identify bottlenecks and pinpoint which marketing channels and campaigns provide the best ROI.

Get a Complete Planning Platform Built for Marketing

Vena combines a native Excel interface with smart, time-saving features to give you a Complete Planning platform for marketing and beyond.

Monitor and Measure Pipeline

You can track pipeline creation, won and lost ARR, win rate, year-over-year variance, and more.

Budgeting and Planning

Determine your marketing budget breakdown and spend allocation for your campaigns by tracking current and projected spending across departments and ad platforms.

Campaign Reporting

With our marketing planning and reporting software, you can view ad spend across platforms, see your top performing campaigns and view KPIs such as clicks, CPL, MQLs, ROAS and closed won.

Executive Dashboards

Use our marketing ROI software to track the performance of your lead funnel, see a breakdown of your spend by quarter and gain visibility into your sourced and influenced ARR.


Say goodbye to copy and pasting numbers into your spreadsheets. Vena integrates and consolidates data from your source systems so you can trust your numbers.


Vena’s powerful modeling features and what-if scenario analysis allow you to plan for any situation with confidence.

Dashboards and Reports

Share key marketing metrics and marketing projections with stakeholders using our dashboards and distribute reports automatically through our workflow tool.

Connect Your Data Sources. Trust Your Numbers.

Vena can act as a single source-of-truth for all of your different data sets, allowing you to make timely, data-driven decisions using accurate marketing campaign performance metrics.

CRM Integration

Connect Vena to CRMs such as HubSpot and Salesforce to bring customer, prospect, pipeline and marketing data into your templates.

Marketing Automation System and Software Integration

Sync data from marketing automation systems and software such as CaliberMind.

ERP and GL Integration

Our marketing and reporting software integrates with ERP and GL systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle NetSuite, Quickbooks, Workday, Sage and SAP.

Excel and CSV Files

No need to get rid of your existing Excel spreadsheets. Since Vena leverages a 100% native Excel interface, you can bring your existing templates into our platform.

Get Pre-Built Templates, Reports and Dashboards for Marketing

Hit the ground running. With our Vena for Marketing solution, you’ll get access to templates, reports and dashboards—all designed using best practices so you can spend less time building and more time analyzing.
  • Marketing Campaign Performance Report
  • Marketing Dashboard
  • Marketing Pipeline Template
  • Marketing Budget Template
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Sprout Social Gains Greater Agility for Their Long-Term Future With Reporting and Revenue Planning in Vena

I can look at our budget in real time and say, ‘if we put this much more into marketing spend, this is how it will affect our profit and our forecast for the rest of the year’. Then the team can look at our revenue and see if we can support those changes. Planning with intention allows us to be more proactive instead of just looking back and analyzing the impact once it’s already happened.

Kristina Bittorf
Senior Manager of Finance, Sprout Social
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