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Guides, Modules and CPE Credits

Our self-paced introductory product training course covers everything you need to know to get started with Vena. You’ll have access to 15+ modules and a personalized Vena training environment to practice what you’ve learned in a guided format. Upon completion, you'll be eligible to earn CPE credits, while also gaining access to an additional 120+ videos to continue your Vena learning.
Vena Training Experts

For an interactive experience, we offer facilitator-led product training sessions that are remotely taught by our expert Vena training specialists. Our virtual offering of the standard Vena product training curriculum is organized into four, 3-hour sessions, taken in sequential days (select between morning or afternoon sessions). These total 12 hours of product training, with the ability to hand-pick each session to fit your schedule.
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"They're actually listening to their customers, and bringing forward solutions that their customers say they're looking for."
Darrell Rooney
Senior Director of Financial Services, Saint Mary's University
Laying the Foundation
Learn how to set up and manage a data model, import data into Vena and create and map spreadsheets.
Amping It Up With Mapping
Discover time-saving tips for building and maintaining reports. Plus, learn Vena best practices.
Diving Deep Into Data Entry
Build input templates using our data-entry functionality, and incorporate even more Vena tools to develop more complex files.

Complete Courses. Earn CPE Credits.

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