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Turn Your Data into Dollars

Eliminate manual processes, create budgets and reports in less time and gain data-driven insights so you can improve profitability at all your franchise locations.

Comprehensive Month-End Reporting

With in-depth cohort and benchmark reports, franchise owners will have a clear picture of store performance and be able to leverage strategic insights to improve their bottom line.

Revenue Planning

Get detailed sales reports and planning templates for all your revenue sources, broken down by location.

COGS Planning

Track expenses, identify COGS % by location and predict inflation costs amongst products over multiple years so you can drive assumptions for scenario modeling.

Dashboards for Expenses, Operational Staff Planning and More

Monitor performance and share actionable insights with stakeholders using store specific reports for revenue, expenses and staff planning per number of hours your store is open.
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Everything You Need to Improve Your Operational Efficiency

This pre-configured solution for franchising includes everything you need to boost productivity and plan with agility.

Scenario Modeling

Easily create multiple scenarios to see how different factors, such as utilization rates, locations and staff planning can affect operations and their bottom line.

Excel and Microsoft 365 Integration

Our native integrations with Excel and Microsoft 365 mean you can keep using the tools you already know.

Intelligent Features

Gain visibility into your numbers with audit trails, protect your data with user permissions and wave goodbye to “budget_final_v3_updated” with version control.

Instant Impact

Our solution includes pre-built planning templates, data models, reports, business logic, predefined workflows and source system integrations so you can get started fast.
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Automate the Integration of Your Financial and Franchising Data

As your franchise grows, it becomes increasingly important to have a streamlined and efficient system for managing data. With our integrations, create a single source of truth to ensure accurate, current data, regardless of the size or complexity of your operation.

ERP Integration

Vena can integrate and consolidate data from any ERP such as NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics 365, QuickBooks, Sage Intacct, Certinia and more.

HRIS and Payroll Systems Integration

Your single source of truth awaits. Integrate data from any HRIS and payroll system such as Paylocity, ADP, Ceridian, Paychex, Paycom and Ultipro.

Excel, CSV, and Flat File Imports

Have planning templates that you don’t want to lose? Our native Excel interface means you can seamlessly import your existing Excel, CSV and flat files into Vena.

Homegrown Systems and Databases

Bring in data from homegrown systems, SQL databases and data warehouses.

Expert-Designed Templates.
Your Blueprint to Success.

Citrin Cooperman built the best planning templates so you don't have to. Crafted by subject matter experts and fine-tuned for franchises like yours, these templates are fully customizable to meet your needs.
  • Revenue and Sales Planning
  • Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) Planning
  • Operational Staff Planning

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