Vena with Microsoft Power BI Embedded

Enable Faster Insights With Vena and Power BI
Vena with Power BI Embedded takes the power of company-wide business intelligence and AI-informed data strategies and embeds them directly into Vena.
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Data Done Differently


End-to-End Reporting and Analytics

Work smarter and faster with the market’s only end-to-end BI and analytics solution that empowers your business-wide finance-led, extended and beyond planning.


Easy To Use for Everyone

Easily share and collaborate on interactive data visualizations. No more reading between the lines or manually organizing and predicting your data performance.


Market Leading BI and AI Capabilities

Spend less time building and more time analyzing with seamlessly integrated Business Intelligence, Machine Learning and explainable AI capabilities that you can trust.


Share Smart and Scalable Insights Across Your Organization

Visualize your data, draw AI-informed insights at scale and leverage Power BI for FP&A, extended planning and beyond within the Vena you know and love.

AI-Powered Analysis and Explained Smart Insights

Vena with Power BI Embedded integrates business intelligence and artificial intelligence directly into Vena so you can analyze trends in real time and gain insights that drive your business forward.

Company-Wide Data Democratization

Create a data-driven culture with one central data source that includes a macro perspective of your datasets, machine learning applied across end-to-end analytical workflows and scalable insights that are relevant to everyone across your organization.

Trust Your Data. Make Better Decisions.

Vena with Power BI Embedded gives you an unbiased approach to data analysis and strategy, empowering you with the data you can count on to make better business decisions.

Share Your Data With Key Stakeholders

Drive business insights with at-a-glance visuals of key company metrics and statements. And share those results with stakeholders with self-service enterprise data analytics.

Out-of-the-Box and Guided Business Intelligence for All

Drive holistic business performance and enable one centralized and up-to-the-minute data sources that result in more confident decision making for your entire organization.

Smarter Planning. Quicker Time to Value.

You don’t have to change the way you work. Get a no-code solution with out-of-the-box functionality that takes you from data readiness to deep insights in an instant.
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Insights From Anywhere

Reviewing your Power BI profit and loss statement on the go? Check. With certified and custom-built visualizations optimized for both desktop and mobile, your users can make decisions from anywhere.

Unified Data Control and Security

Centralize your data in one secure environment. Keep your data safe with industry-leading data security capabilities, including sensitivity labeling, end-to-end encryption and real-time access monitoring.

Connect Your Data Directly to Power BI

Included in Vena with Power BI Embedded is our Power BI Connector, which allows you to bring data directly into Power BI from Vena. Revealing the story behind your numbers has never been easier with Vena’s certified Power BI Data Connector.
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Customer Story

MSCG Drives Supply Chain Efficiency With Vena and Microsoft Power BI

“We’re all about getting into the predictive analytics of supply chain and looking at labor costs, labor optimizations, pricing components and transportation. We can use the information we have in Vena to better serve customers in their businesses, to improve our own operations and to provide a lot of value to any organization that we deal with.”

Paolo Mari
VP of Business Analytics and Commercial Management, MSCG
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See Financial Reporting With Power BI in Action

Watch our demo to see how Vena and Power BI can help you master data storytelling and enable strategic decision making.

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