Vena Winter ‘24 Release

Vena's Winter '24 Release centers on collaboration and adaptability, leveraging technology to help simplify complex ad hoc tasks and enhance user experiences for a more agile work environment.

Available starting on February 20, begin to unlock a new transformation in the way you work, making collaboration your new best friend. Leverage the Winter ’24 Release with all the familiar interfaces, productivity tools and real-time collaboration capabilities natively integrated in Vena to help drive your success.

For more on what we’ve released, please read on:

What's New in the Winter ’24 Release


Vena for Microsoft PowerPoint

This integration seamlessly incorporates live Vena data, dynamic report libraries, automated updates, and advanced access controls directly into your presentations. Experience efficient data storytelling and stay on top of up-to-the-minute insights, ensuring that your presentations are not only impactful but also reflect the most current and relevant information.

Interested in getting beta access to Vena for Microsoft PowerPoint? Click here to apply.

Support Chatbot

Enhanced customer experience is now at your fingertips with the integration of Vena's new Support Chatbot directly into Vena. This empowers customers to quickly address and resolve issues on their own, providing a self-serve solution for quicker and more efficient problem resolution.

Template Performance Reporting Tool

Unlock valuable insights into refresh times and optimize your template design for peak performance with our latest enhancements. This feature not only informs customers about refresh times but also enables them to make proactive and positive changes to their templates, ensuring optimal functionality and user experience.

Vena Data Insights

Contributing users have access to transactional-level data, which greatly increases the confidence in the decisions made off data from the Insights tab. By allowing members to click "Drill Through" on any enabled report and receive a CSV export of the transactional data, users to easily toggle between macro-level concepts and micro-level insights and to quickly identify areas that need attention.

To learn even more about the Winter ‘24 Release, check out the What’s New Article in the Vena Knowledge Base.