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Vena Copilot for FP&A: Your Complete Planning AI Assistant

Unlock productivity and strategic potential with Vena Copilot’s industry-leading FP&A expertise and native integration with Microsoft 365, powered by Microsoft Azure’s generative AI technology.

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FP&A Teams, Meet Your New Best Friend

Vena Copilot works as an extension of your FP&A team. It uses the most intuitive interface there is, natural language, to gather data, generate reports, analyze trends, optimize forecasts, answer complex business questions and more. Ask about seasonal patterns in your revenue by product. Find out which departments have the highest in period actual to budget variances. With Vena Copilot, anyone can access insights, plan more strategically and go from data to decision in record time.  


Generative AI Purpose-Built for FP&A

Easily create and train custom AI models that are tailored to your Complete Planning use cases and data sets and get smarter over time.

Put generative AI to work across your teams to improve analysis, empower anyone to interact with your data and accelerate decision making.

Your Dedicated Complete Planning AI Assistant

Put generative AI to work across your teams to improve analysis, empower anyone to interact with your data and accelerate decision making.

Create a flexible AI assistant that’s tailored to your use cases and data sets, and gets smarter over time

Native Integration With Microsoft 365

Use Vena Copilot alongside Microsoft 365 Copilot to create a seamless, automated flow of work through Vena's native integrations with Microsoft 365.

Work seamlessly across your Microsoft 365 tech stack with Vena's native integrations for Excel, PowerPoint, Copilot and more.

Enterprise-Ready Responsible AI

Vena Copilot provides industry-leading generative AI security, compliance and privacy capabilities. And it’s easy to set up—no IT, data scientists or AI engineers required.

Vena Copilot provides robust security, privacy and compliance capabilities. And it’s easy to set up—no IT help required.

Today, 75% of an FP&A team’s work is gathering data and administering processes.*

That stops now with Vena Copilot.

The Future of FP&A is Here

Ready to amplify the power of your FP&A team and help everyone in your organization make smarter business planning decisions?

Watch Excelerate Finance 2024 on-demand to learn more about Vena Copilot and see it in action.

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The Future of FP&A is Here

Ready to get back lost time, plan more strategically and amplify the power of your FP&A team?

Join us at Excelerate Finance 2024 to learn more about Vena Copilot and see it in action.


Frequently Asked Questions about Vena Copilot

What is Vena Copilot?

Vena Copilot enables FP&A teams with a Complete Planning AI assistant. Users can interact with Vena Copilot using an intuitive conversational interface. By leveraging simple chat prompts and your existing organizational data sets, tasks that previously required hours can now be completed in minutes.

How Can Vena Copilot Help My Organization and FP&A Team?

Vena Copilot uses an intuitive conversational interface that allows you to query your data, empowering any user to extract insights, improve organizational agility and streamline common FP&A processes. Leveraging Microsoft Azure OpenAI, Vena Copilot extends its capabilities by connecting to Vena CubeFLEX™—Vena’s central analytical data model—providing tailored training and offering customizable user interfaces for enhanced intelligence over time.

Is My Data Safe and Secure With Vena Copilot?

Yes. Your data is yours. Vena Copilot leverages enterprise-grade security, compliance and privacy capabilities to keep your data safe and secure at all times.

With prompt compliance management, Vena Copilot provides a seamless user experience while maintaining the integrity of your data.

  • Get access to the latest OpenAI models without needing to worry about your data being used to train publicly accessible models.
  • Leveraging CubeFLEX means inheriting all the security protocols already set up in Vena, including data and application permissions.
  • Using state-of-the-art Prompt Flow technology, we don’t have to move your intersection data outside our environment, retaining full control and auditability.

How Can I Use Vena Copilot?

FP&A users who have a Vena license can set up Vena Copilot. Once set up, anyone with a Vena license can use Vena Copilot. 

How Do I Get Started?

To learn more about Vena Copilot and see it in action, join us at Excelerate Finance 2024. 

*Source: Metric of the Month, Average Tenure of FP&A Employees, CFO.com.