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Work the Way You Want With Vena

Work smarter, eliminate bottlenecks and reduce busy work with Vena’s advanced workflow capabilities.

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Scale Up With Vena and Excel

With the full suite of features that Vena Complete Planning offers, you won’t need to abandon Excel to scale. And the best part is that we’ll be with you for every step of your growth journey.
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Take Charge of
Your Workflow

Bye bye busy work. With workflows in Vena, you can map out your entire process, automate report sends, set up task reminders and more.
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Track Every

Never miss a deadline again. With our intuitive and visual workflow builder, you can track each step in your process and receive real-time updates.
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Easily Review, Approve
and Distribute Budgets

Simplify your input, approval, upload and distribution process—and automatically send notifications to colleagues when it’s their turn in the process.
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Get the Whole Company Into the Flow

Go from FP&A to xP&A with Vena. Leverage Vena and our workflow builder for compensation planning, financial close management and more.

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More Time For More Important Stuff

With workflows automating your repetitive tasks, you’ll have more time back in your day for activities that help your company grow such as planning and analysis.

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