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Revenue Planning Software
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Vena Powers Profitability Analysis at Vanguard University

“It’s really going to help us understand what the impact of current decisions are on our future, and what future decisions we need to start making now” - Jeremy Moser, Chief Financial Officer at Vanguard University.
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Unify Your Departments Under a Shared Vision

Silos slow you down. Bring your entire organization together with our integrated revenue planning solution. All of your revenue data in one place means you can gauge how your entire business is performing and grow as a team. It’s time to move your team from different spreadsheets to the same page.
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Put Finance at the Forefront of Planning

To make smart revenue planning decisions, your finance team relies on data from numerous sources—pull it all together with Vena. Our revenue planning software automatically aggregates data so you can detect issues early, hit your deadlines and execute with confidence. Gain greater visibility into sales team productivity, conversion forecasts and campaign ROI so your team can set realistic goals and deliver predictable results.
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Drive Profitability With the Revenue Planning Tool That Takes You Further

Vena keeps you focused on what’s coming next. Our revenue planning software allows you to perform driver-based revenue budgeting and forecasting so you can instantly perform “what-if” scenario analysis. And Vena will automatically highlight exceptions in your resource capacity, pipeline velocity to make it easy to spot the resulting impact on KPIs, critical success factors and financial results.

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