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Mitigate Risk With Agile Scenario Modeling
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“For the first time ever, I've got 100% confidence in my numbers.”

Vanessa Macilwaine, Group Finance Manager at Nando's

Challenge Your Business Plans and Stay Ahead of Change

Look ahead and plan for the future with confidence. With Vena’s scenario analysis software, you’ll see how the decisions you make today will affect your bottom line tomorrow. Test your business plans against any number of possible scenarios so you know how to react when market conditions change. You’ll always have your unknowns, but Vena makes them manageable.
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Instant “What-If” Analysis Based on Real-Time Actuals and Business Drivers

Gain clarity on your best path forward. Vena brings live data from every function of your business into a secure, centralized database so you can get a clear picture of your business health—for today and tomorrow. With our scenario modeling software, you can analyze the impact of potential changes to revenue, headcount, cash flow and more—all with just a few clicks. Share that insight with leaders across the organization to align goals and encourage cross-functional teamwork.

Scenario Analysis Made Simple

Stop wasting time on tedious manual spreadsheet work. With Vena, you’ll never have to copy and paste data for scenario planning again. Source system integrations will load your data automatically, while predictive analytics will generate more reliable financial models as your planning process evolves. The best part? Vena has a native Excel interface so you can keep using the tool you already know to scale with ease.

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