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Mitigate Risk With Agile Scenario Planning And Analysis

Central Database

Integrate your data sources into one source of truth and centrally control your scenario planning templates.


Our scenario planning software includes templates for top-down P&L scenario planning, rolling view for forecast templates (OpEx and P&L) and more.


With workflows, notifications and comments, you can easily track, review and map out every step of your scenario planning process.
With our scenario modeling software, you can analyze the impact of potential changes to revenue, expenses, cash flow and more—all with just a few clicks.

Adapt Quickly with Scenario Modeling

What would you do if your executive team needed a last-minute change to your forecast, or if there is a potential downward trend on one of your key drivers? With Vena, you'll never be caught off guard.

Plan With Confidence

With Vena, automated driver-based models save you time and allow you to run more accurate scenario models, so you can plan for any situation.

Plan With Agility

Whether you’re planning for growth, planning for change, or planning for business as usual, Vena empowers you to plan with agility.

View the Impact of Decisions on Cash Flow

Our scenario modeling software makes it easy to see how different scenarios will impact your organization's cash flow.
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Stop wasting time on tedious manual spreadsheet work. With Vena, you’ll never have to copy and paste data for scenario planning again, your source system integrations will load your data automatically and update any actual data as needed. While predictive analytics will generate more reliable financial models as your planning process evolves and markets factors change.

Excel Interface

The familiar and flexible Excel interface is at the heart of Vena. Your team won’t need to spend weeks learning a new tool—and your FP&A team (not IT) can own and maintain Vena.

Reporting and Dashboards

Create reports on the fly—and share them instantly or on a set schedule using our workflow tool. And take your analysis further with Vena Insights.

Source System Integrations

Vena brings live data from every function of your business into a secure, centralized database so you can get a clear picture of your business health—for today and tomorrow.

Security Permissions and Version Control

With user permissions, only the right people can edit your templates. And with version control and audit trails, you can revert to previous templates and find the history of your numbers in a snap.

An Award-Winning Partner To Guide You on Your Path to Success

With data integrations and automatic consolidation, Vena ensures that everyone in your organization has access to the most up-to-date numbers at all times.

ERP and GL Integration

Put an end to spending hours manually inputting data. Data from ERPs such as Sage Intacct and NetSuite can be integrated into Vena templates.

CRM Integration

Keep your templates up-to-date with the latest numbers by connecting Vena to CRMs such as Salesforce, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics and HubSpot.

HRIS Integration

Our scenario planning software allows you to load data from HRIS systems such as ADP, Workday and Bamboo into your templates.

Excel, CSV, Flat Files and Database Integration

In addition to Excel, CSV, and flat files, Vena lets you import data from your database, data warehouse, or other custom-built system.

Get a Headstart with Templates

With our scenario planning software, you’ll get access to time-saving templates built using best practices we’ve learned from working with hundreds of successful organizations.
  • Top-down P&L Scenario Planning Template
  • Rolling View of Forecast Templates (P&L and Operating Expenses)
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Lookout “Doesn’t Have To Scramble Anymore” Thanks to Flexible Scenario Modeling and 66% Faster Reporting With Vena

“I love how quickly we can iterate now and model any unique revenue scenario we can think of … Vena really resonated with me as a finance professional right from the start—because any modeling I can do in Excel, I can do even better and faster in Vena.”

Ricardo Trigueros
Sr. Financial Analyst, Lookout

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