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Simplify Your Labor Expense Planning Process

Vena enables healthcare organizations to manage the end-to-end process for labor expense planning, reporting and analytics. By simplifying the labor planning process, Vena allows you to minimize staffing shortages for skilled labor and report on the impact of various wage rates for skilled and unskilled healthcare workers with ease.
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Discover the Power of Unified Data

Smarter healthcare planning and budgeting starts with access to reliable and up-to-date data. Vena brings the data from your existing systems into our centralized database so you can break down data silos and ensure everyone on your team is working from a single source of truth. Whether you’re performing occupancy planning, location planning, staff planning or grant planning, Vena empowers you to plan your next steps with everybody on the same page.

Comply With Confidence

Eliminate the complexities and manual errors associated with regulatory reporting, no matter how many requirements there are. Vena helps you ensure compliance with FDA audits and other federal and state regulations through streamlined healthcare contract management and repeatable regulatory reporting workflows.
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Gain Clarity on Your Best Path Forward

Uncertainty is no way to operate. With all of your data consolidated in one place, Vena enables you to quickly update your budgets and forecasts based on changing market conditions and fluctuating capital expenditures in healthcare so you can maximize your operational and finance performance. With Vena, you always have what you need to move forward with certainty.
American Health Partners Plans with Confidence

“We had this monstrous would take somebody the better part of a day to update with information from the GL. With Vena, we’ve done away with that.”

Doug Vaughn, Director of FP&A at American Health Partners

Gain Clarity on Your Best Path Forward

Vena's Complete Planning platform has the technology and methodology that healthcare organizations need to grow smarter and plan with confidence. Learn how Vena can help you streamline your financial reporting, financial close, budgeting and forecasting and more.

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