Create and Deliver Data Driven Presentations with Vena for Microsoft PowerPoint

Vena for Microsoft PowerPoint enhances collaboration and productivity by seamlessly integrating live Vena data, dynamic report libraries, automated updates and sophisticated access controls within your presentations, providing efficient data storytelling and up-to-the-minute insights.

Enhance Operational Efficiency and Strategic Impact

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Complete Data Integration
Dynamically connect all critical company data leveraging Vena CubeFLEX™ and existing reports to Microsoft PowerPoint.
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No Manual Formatting
Eliminates manual presentation configuration such as copy-and-paste, capturing screenshots or toggling between tools to source data. ​
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PC and Mac Versatility
Support any environment with polished presentations for Windows and Mac leveraging Microsoft 365.


Accelerate Your Productivity

Reduce the time it takes to produce audience-ready presentations from weeks to hours leveraging automated updates, a dynamic library of pre-built reports and your formatting best practices.



Keep Up With Changing Stakeholder Requirements

Access all your Vena data in a single presentation with Vena PowerPoint to deliver enhanced data storytelling and up-to-the-minute insights to your teams.




Use Existing Reports

Get started quickly with a self-serve, guided set up and step-by-step walkthroughs that will have you producing polished presentations in no time.
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A Collaborative Productivity Tool for Your Presentations

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Team-Based Presentation Building

Give contributors across departments the flexibility to coordinate with you on perfecting presentations from anywhere, at any time, on any device.
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Defined Permissions and Security

Comprehensive access controls to collaborate securely and ensure the right people are empowered to access presentations and leverage the data they need​.
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Streamlined File Management

Reduce file clutter and eliminate version control issues with no need for manual downloads or uploads.

Dynamic Task Oversight

Assign tasks, manage approvals, track progress and ensure full transparency and accountability across your contributors in real time​.

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The standout feature for me was the ability to report directly in PowerPoint, leveraging its formatting flexibility along with live data from the database.”

Rogier Louter

FP&A Advisor, Finext

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vena for Microsoft PowerPoint?

Vena for Microsoft PowerPoint is the only financial presentation solution natively integrated with Microsoft 365 that helps FP&A teams improve their productivity and operational efficiency by dramatically reducing the time and effort required to create professional, audience-ready presentations.

How Can Vena for Microsoft PowerPoint Help My Organization and FP&A Team?

Vena for Microsoft PowerPoint integrates company data leveraging Vena CubeFLEX™ and existing reports into Microsoft PowerPoint, allowing you to seamlessly select, edit, and insert charts, tables, and dashboards directly into slides, eliminating errors from manual copying, pasting, and version control.

Will Vena for Microsoft PowerPoint Reflect the Most Updated Data?

Yes. Collaborate with stakeholders in real-time with live data integration, effortlessly toggle between any data set, refresh your presentation with the latest data and Excel formatting, and maintain your calculations, corporate branding and standard financial formatting without ever having to leave PowerPoint.

Does Vena for Microsoft PowerPoint Support PC and Mac Users?

Yes. Vena is fully Mac and Windows compatible using Microsoft 365.

What Resources Are Available For Users?

Vena Academy's Elevate Your Financial Storytelling course will help you discover innovative ways to present complex information clearly and persuasively, ensuring your insights resonate with every stakeholder.

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