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Power Your People and Plans With Vena 365

Fully Integrated
Embrace the power of unified and reliable data by connecting Vena to your ERP, CRM, GL, HRIS and other systems.
Mac and Windows Compatible
Create reports, input data and review submissions in Excel on both Windows and Mac using Microsoft 365.
Microsoft Certified
Vena 365 is a Microsoft certified Excel add-in, available through the Office store.

Plan from Anywhere. Anytime.

Vena connects people with real-time data, fosters cross-department collaboration and empowers you to plan for anything.

Key Features for Contributors

  • Conduct Drill Saves, Drill Down, Drill Transactions and Expand roll-ups directly in Excel
  • Save your data inputs with full auditing capabilities and easily review a complete audit history of any changes that occurred
  • Seamlessly review and submit tasks with embedded workflows
  • Ensure accuracy and data timeliness with automatic data refreshes
  • Collect detailed account information with line-item details
  • Easily upload attachments and supporting documents
  • Role-based security lets you update, report and share your data
  • Provide key stakeholders with view-only access to sensitive and critical information
  • Create threaded discussions around a particular performance result with intersection comments
  • Now provide further details to budgets, plans and forecasts with Insert MDR in your planning and budget templates

Simplify Budget Inputs and Reviews in Excel With a Smart Sidebar

Vena 365 adds a new sidebar to Excel designed to provide further content for budget contributors and provide users with easy access to our data input and analysis tools.

Instructions and Documents Make It Clear What Contributors Need To Work On

Admins can create a list of instructions for display in the sidebar so budget contributors know exactly what they need to do before submitting their budgets for review and approval.

Data Input Tools Make Adjusting Line Item Details Simple

With the data input tools tab in the sidebar, you can add or remove line item details from your budgeted values in just a couple of clicks—and save the inputs back to Vena so that the new numbers are automatically applied across your data sets.

Data Analysis Tools Tell the Full Story Behind Each Number

Spot an unusual discrepancy or variance? Use the drill saves function to bring an audit trail, showing who made what inputs and when. And leverage the drill transactions feature to see all the individual transactions that roll up to any value.

Key Features for Managers

  • New Quick Build lets you build budgets, forecasts and reports in seconds by using drag and drop
  • Map multiple dimensions with our new intuitive mapping, including highlights for quick reference
  • Get information you need right down to the cell level with easy access to data intersections details
  • Easily identify settings and make changes with our new interactive mapping experience
  • Establish guardrails around data contribution and experience faster budgeting cycles with Validation Rules
  • Enable users to pull transaction level information to do more granular, detailed, and accurate planning with Staging Queries

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