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The Most Complete Excel-Based Budgeting and Forecasting Software

Central Database

Bring all your data into a single source solution so you can trust your numbers and spend less time consolidating.

Excel Templates

Our budgeting and forecasting software includes templates for planning revenues, operating expenses and more.


Take charge of your daily, weekly, monthly or annual processes with our intuitive visual workflow tools.
With a familiar Excel interface, data integrations with your source systems and endless capabilities, you’ll be looking forward to budgeting season with Vena.

Top-Down and Bottom-Up Budgeting

Vena allows you to create budgets based on any requirement, whether you prefer using top-down or bottom-up budgeting.

Driver-Based and Zero-Based Budgeting

Ensure your budgets always align with your organization’s financial goals with driver-based and zero-based budgeting in Vena.

Feature-Rich Financial Forecasting Software

Our financial forecasting software empowers you to make top-down adjustments to your forecast so you can meet those last minute deadlines—and build budgeting agility with rolling forecasts.

Scenario Modeling

See into your future by leveraging data from your actuals and plans to see how changes to your business drivers will impact financial projections and revenue forecasting.
Vena includes powerful and time-saving budgeting and forecasting tools to help you cut budget cycle times and plan with confidence.

Corporate Budgeting Software That Scales With You

Vena can scale to thousands of users with consistent performance that meets your demand—now and in the future.

Take Excel to the Next Level

Vena turns Excel into a complete financial forecasting software by adding features such as data integrations, drill throughs, advanced modeling and more.

Advanced Security and Corporate Budgeting Tools

Control access to data, manage file permissions and ensure that end users can only enter data in designated areas of your templates.

Workflows for Automating Tasks

Stay organized by using our workflow tools to map out your processes, create reminders for reviews and approvals, automatically distribute templates and more.

An Award-Winning Partner To Guide You on Your Path to Success

Our corporate budgeting software brings the data from your existing systems into our centralized database so you never have to worry about the accuracy of your numbers.

ERP and GL Integration

Stop spending hours manually inputting data. With Vena, you can integrate data from ERPs such as Sage Intacct and NetSuite into your templates.

Integrate Vena With Your CRM

Connect Vena to CRMs such as Salesforce, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics and HubSpot to ensure your templates are always updated with the latest data.

Connect HRIS Data

With our budgeting and forecasting software, you can load data from HRIS systems such as ADP, Workday and Bamboo.

Import Existing Excel, CSV, Flat Files and More

Vena allows you to import Excel, CSV and flat files, plus bring in data from your database, data warehouse or other homegrown system.

Templates for Revenue Forecasting, Financial Projections and More

Get off the ground growing from day one with templates that leverage best practices from working with hundreds of successful Vena customers.
  • Operating Expense Dashboard
  • Operating Expense Input
  • Revenue and Cost of Goods Sold Dashboard
  • Revenue and Cost of Goods Sold Input

ATB Financial Transforms Budgeting and Forecasting in Just 3 Months With Vena

“The customer support, the learning, the project implementation team—they were all just first class. Vena really made sure they went above and beyond for us.”

Michael To
Director of Finance Data Services, ATB Financial

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