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Partners in Health update their budgets 93% faster with Vena

Watch how Partners in Health shortened their budgeting cycle from 30 days to 1-2 days by being able to instantly consolidate budget data from 150 users around the world.
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Accelerate your budgeting and forecasting processes

Vena gets rid of the month-to-month grind so you can position your business for the future—on a daily basis. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses like yours plot out their paths to growth.
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Static forecasts lead to stagnant growth

Vena can create real-time, long-term forecasts in minutes—based on data from a single source of truth—so you can make the decisions that drive your business. Get to know your business from every angle with the revenue forecasting tool that takes you further than Excel ever could.

Spend your time learning about your business, not learning how to use Vena

With Vena, you can leverage your existing spreadsheets and models and perform complex calculations directly from Excel. Since we use the interface you already know, financial forecasting is a breeze and change management isn’t much to manage. With our corporate budgeting software, you can use your existing processes instead of redefining them to fit into our framework.

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