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Taught by a global community of industry experts, Vena Academy courses offer breadth and depth to support your personal, professional and organizational growth.

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    Leading With Emotional Intelligence

    Rise Leadership Course

    In this course, you’ll first unpack what emotional intelligence is. Then you’ll learn to boost your emotional intelligence skills by strengthening your personal and social competence.

    FREE | 1h 40m | 1.5 CPE

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  • leadership style

    5 Leadership Style to Influence a Team

    Rise Leadership Course

    Learn what a leadership style is—and discover five common leadership styles. Finally, you’ll determine how to choose among and implement your chosen style—or styles.

    FREE | 2.0 CPE

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  • become analytical

    Becoming an Analytical Organization

    Vena Industry Course

    Discover the value of being an analytical organization. Then learn how to best prepare your organization for the future of consumerization.

    FREE | 1h 00m | 1.0 CPE

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  • agile leadership

    Agile Leadership in Finance

    Vena Industry Course

    Learn seven principles to help you optimize your contribution to your organization's management operating processes. And explore how agile forecasting will help...

    FREE | 1h 00m | 1.0 CPE

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  • stay relevant

    Bradley Staats on How to Stay Relevant, Reinvent Yourself, and Thrive

    Rise Soft Skills Course

    Learn about the psychological biases that trap us in old ways of thinking, along with tips to overcome them.

    FREE | 1h 25m | 1.5 CPE

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  • getting it done

    Ayelet Fishbach on Getting It Done

    Rise Soft Skills Course

    What would you do or accomplish if you could stay motivated? In this course, Author and motivation scientist Ayelet Fishbach teaches you her proven methods for changing...

    FREE | 1h 25m | 1.5 CPE

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  • endurance

    Alex Hutchinsonon Endurance

    Rise Soft Skills Course

    Where does endurance come from, and can we increase it to perform beyond our limits? In this course, you’ll learn why limits are an illusion and how to stretch through yours with...

    FREE | 1h 15m | 1.0 CPE

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Learning Streams and Topics



Our Professional courses are non-technical and are designed to equip you with the soft skills needed to succeed in today’s world of business.



With Practice courses, you’ll get a chance to improve your skills in applications such as Excel and Power BI through hands-on workshops.



Built exclusively for Vena customers, our Product courses will help users of all skill levels become more proficient and confident when using Vena.
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