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Coca-Cola Consolidated connects disparate data with Vena

See how Vena makes it easy to consolidate data from 150 users across Coca-Cola Consolidated’s 100+ distribution centres. “The combination of the centralized OLAP database with native Excel was the selling point for us.” - Matt Blickley, Senior Director of Financial Planning and Analysis, Coca-Cola Consolidated

Streamline Even Your Most Complex Financial Consolidation Processes

Manual processes slow you down. With Vena, you can automate multi-entity processes like currency conversions, minority interest calculations and intercompany transactions. Top-side journals and intercompany elimination entries? Yep, Vena automatically consolidates those too. Now you can spend less time closing the books and more time analyzing the story behind your numbers.

Consolidate Your Data Effortlessly. View It Instantly.

Fight financial consolidation fatigue with Vena. Consolidate your data into multiple hierarchies so you can view it multiple ways. And why wait? Vena’s in-memory consolidation engine allows you to instantly generate and view your data at any level of your corporate hierarchy. With our financial consolidation software, you can plan on moving with agility.

Close Your Books in Record Time With Greater Data Integrity

Don’t let bad data get in the way of closing your books on time. Vena automatically pulls in your financial, non-financial, internal and external data so you can trust the numbers you’re working with. Copying and pasting numbers and manually performing intercompany transactions? A thing of the past with Vena’s financial consolidation software.

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