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Central Database

Disparate ERP/accounting systems, multiple currencies or subsidiaries that are partially owned and/or have intercompany activity can make financial consolidation complicated. Vena makes it simple.

Excel Templates

Use our automated intercompany eliminations and journal entry templates to quickly complete your consolidation while adding transparency and auditability to your close process.


Track activities, improve collaboration and govern your close process with workflows. Plus, you can monitor all of your processes in real-time using status dashboards. No more sending emails and waiting for a reply.
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Our consolidation software gives you the power to streamline your complex financial consolidation processes, including partial ownership, intercompany eliminations, multiple currencies and alternate reporting roll-ups so you can close your books on time and produce financial statements you can trust.

Elimination Entries

Get back lost time. With our financial consolidation tools, you can automatically book elimination entries by pre-setting relationships between accounts. And perform dedicated account, subledger driven and manual eliminations using our pre-built logic.

Foreign Exchange Reporting

Perform reporting in multiple currencies with translation to a single reporting currency. Plus, you can automatically calculate your cumulative translation adjustment (CTA) at the individual account level.

Journal Entries

Close journal entries based on reclassifications, accruals and other adjustments with Vena’s financial consolidation and reporting software.

Non-Controlling Interest and Intercompany Eliminations

Booking non-controlling interest and minority interest entries is easy with Vena’s financial consolidation application due to our integrated architecture. Generate your consolidated financial statements faster with automated intercompany elimination and Cumulative Translation Adjustment (CTA) entries.
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Our financial consolidation software comes packed with features designed to help you work smarter, improve transparency, boost collaboration and produce more accurate financial reports.

Consolidation Accounting Software With an Excel Interface

Love Excel? So do we. With Vena’s native Excel interface, your team can leverage all your existing skills and skip the hassle of learning yet another new tool.

Version Control and Audit Trails

Say goodbye to “consolidations_v5_final_FINALFORREAL.xlsx”. Vena’s templates are version controlled and include detailed audit trail reports so you can see who made what changes and when.

Single Source of Truth

Our financial consolidation application gives you a single source of truth for all of your financial reporting with support for multiple GAAP and IFRS statutory reporting requirements.

Transparency and Compliance

Maintain accuracy and compliance in your financial consolidation process with Vena. Our consolidation accounting software includes workflow controls and governance, certification checklists and best-in-class audit tracking.

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Vena means the end of copying and pasting numbers from source systems and the beginning of working with numbers you can trust. Our data consolidation software can automatically load and map data from various subsidiary accounting systems, and still maintain the granularity and integrity of the original chart of accounts data.

Integrate With Your ERP, GL and Subledger

Our financial consolidation software can integrate with popular systems such as Microsoft Dynamics GP and SL, NetSuite, Quickbooks, Sage Intacct, Oracle and more.

Connect Your HRIS, CRM and Payroll to Our Financial Consolidation System

Our Complete Planning platform can help you with more than just financial consolidations. Integrate Vena with your HRIS, CRM and payroll systems to manage all your processes for FP&A and beyond.

Import Your Excel, CSV, Flat Files and Templates

You can load in your existing Excel, CSV, flat files and templates into our financial consolidation system, whether they’re stored in local systems or cloud applications.

Load Data From Data Warehouses, SQL Databases and More

Got data in a warehouse, SQL database or other homegrown system? Bring it into Vena using our consolidation software’s fast and secure web-based interface.

Templates Designed To Give You Back More Time

You won't need to spend hours formatting our templates because they look beautiful right out of the box. Plus, they come with a bunch of tried and tested formulas to speed up your consolidations and reconciliations (no more #REF! errors). And did we mention you can compare template versions with just one click and allow multiple users to edit templates at once? Collaboration for the win.
  • Consolidated Financial Statements Reports
  • Currency Conversations Template
  • Subsidiary Mapping Template
  • Elimination Templates and Elimination Account Matching Setup
  • Post Consolidation JE Adjustment
  • Non-Controlling Interest Calculator
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Vena Helps Capstone Infrastructure Cut Month-End Close Times by 50%

“Vena has truly transformed our financial reporting capability and significantly reduced our errors and the time it takes to complete our financial close process. By setting up standardized and largely automated templates in Vena, we have cut our monthly close process in half.”

Devendra Kalwani
Finance Manager, Capstone Infrastructure Corp.

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