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Central database

Integrate with your ERP and GL systems to include your sub-ledger data, including fixed assets systems.

Excel Templates

Our pre-configured solution includes Excel templates for all of your standard and specialized reconciliations.


Every submission and review is tracked and time stamped so you can easily provide your auditors with a detailed audit trail report.
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Automated reconciliation. Accurate reports.

Automate your reconciliations, provide more accurate financial reports and ensure auditability with Vena for Account Reconciliation.
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Accelerate Your Financial Reconciliation

Our account reconciliation software includes templates for specialized reconciliations like prepaid expenses, fixed assets and bank reconciliations. Use our GL to subledger template for standard reconciliations like accounts receivable, payables and more.
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Save Time With Automated Reconciliations

Post matching entries automatically, flagging only the accounts that need review and reconciliation on the part of your accounting team.
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Increase Transparency With Supporting Documents

Attach supporting calculations and documentation to quickly explain each exception to auditors, management, regulators and other stakeholders.
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Track All Your Reconciliations With a Central Template

See which accounts have been reconciled and reviewed—and track account balances, reconciling amounts and submitters and reviewers within a central template.
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Auditable account reconciliation software packed with smart features

Our pre-configured solution includes templates, best practices and smart account reconciliation tools to help cut your balance sheet reconciliation times.
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Quick Balance Sheet Reconciliation. Even Quicker Onboarding.

With built-in templates, a familiar Excel interface and our team of experts by your side, you’ll be up and running in weeks, not months.
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Controlled and Auditable Environment

Vena is fully auditable. Use dashboards and certification and validation checklists to track the status and details of your entire close process.
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Secured Segregation of Duties

Ensure authorized access between users that perform bank reconciliations, recording of transactions, or process of cash disbursements.
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Multiple Currency Reconciliation and Additional Features

Need to reconcile multiple currencies? Or to integrate sub-ledger data for age categorization and reserves analysis? We can build custom functions, tailored reports and templates.
Finance-led Planning New

Collaboratively Analyze and Adjust Forecasts

Try Vena with a 7-day hands-on preview

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Create Ad-Hoc Reports in Minutes

With Vena you can create reports in just a few easy steps, freeing up more time for analysis.

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Gain Confidence in Your Numbers

All of your spreadsheets, templates, models and data are connected to Vena’s central database so you’re always working with accurate, up-to-date numbers.


Accelerate Budget to Actual Variance Analysis

Need to perform a budget to actual variance analysis at the departmental level? You can do it in a snap with Vena.

Over 1,200 Companies Plan To Grow With Vena

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Automated reconciliation starts with integrations to your source systems

Vena integrates your financial systems data and automatically updates your templates with the latest actuals.
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Integrate with your GL, ERP, HRIS and more

Connect directly to source systems—from your GL, ERP systems, HRIS or fixed asset tracking system (FAST)—so GL and sub-ledger accounts that match can be posted automatically.
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Create a single source of truth

With all your data under one roof, your financial statements, audits, regulatory and management reports are all built on a single source of trusted, accurate numbers with guaranteed data integrity.
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Import Excel, CSV and flat files

Import your Excel, CSV and flat files from local systems or cloud storage applications such as Dropbox, OneDrive, SFTP and SharePoint.
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Load data from homegrown systems

Bring in data from your homegrown systems, SQL databases and data warehouses into Vena using our fast and secure web-based interface.

Pre-built Excel templates for all your financial reconciliation needs

Account reconciliation templates for specialized reconciliations like prepaid expenses, fixed assets and bank reconciliations.
  • General to Sub-ledger Template
  • Bank/Cash Accounts Template
  • Prepaids Template
  • Fixed Assets Template
  • Journal Entry Template

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