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Vena Enables Nutanix To Focus on Planning for Tomorrow

“Work has been more fulfilling. Going into work each day and having the ability to be efficient, to be that conduit to the business, to enable the business to make decisions—is much more fulfilling from a personal perspective, and Vena has enabled that.” - Rob Pastega, Senior Manager of Demand and Supply Planning at Nutanix.
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Maximize Territory Coverage—and Performance

Our sales territory planning software keeps your sales engine humming along. Vena gives you detailed insights into your revenue data so you can effectively balance territory assignments and improve performance at both the rep and team levels. And with the ability to create complex territories based on factors such as geography, industry, account, business units and more, the only limit to your sales territory planning is your imagination.
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Increase Your Sales Capacity. Grow Your Revenue.

Make smart decisions about your sales capacity planning with Vena. View a detailed breakdown of sales performance based on region so you can decide where to best allocate your sales enablement resources or hire additional reps so you can increase your sales capacity.
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Gain a Sense of Trust in Your Sales Quota Planning

Vena gives you the power to perform all of your sales quota planning in Excel with confidence. Our sales quota planning software enables you to track performance across reps and uncover insights into where quotas may need to be modified so you can ensure that your quotas are always in alignment with both company and individual goals.

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