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Analysis & Reporting

Share Actionable, Scalable and AI-Driven Business Insights
Empower strategic planning at every level of your organization with out-of-the-box, guided business intelligence.
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Work Gets Done When the Reporting is Easy

With our intuitive ad-hoc report builder, you can create reports and share them with stakeholders in minutes.

Level Up With
Vena Insights

Boost productivity, drive better decision making and transform your complete business planning processes with Vena Insights.

Deadlines Are No Match for
the Speed of Vena

Create your board presentation, monthly financials, and budget reports and have time to spare. Experience stress-free reporting with Vena.

Future-proof Your Analytics
and Insights Investment

With predictive modeling and natural language querying in Vena Insights, you can quickly identify opportunities and create more accurate forecasts.
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Try a Free Guided Product Tour of Vena

Take a product tour to test out Vena’s time-saving features and user-friendly Excel interface. You’ll use sample data to:

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Test out the Contributor Experience in Vena

Learn how your finance team and budget contributors can quickly access files, update numbers and build reports.

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Explore Vena 365 Connect

See how Vena works with Excel to power your planning in areas like ad-hoc reporting and variance analysis.

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Discover How Vena Insights Takes Your Analysis Further

Analyze data such as operating expenses across departments and timeframes with Vena Insights.


Create and Share the Data that Makes Your Business Go

Link your financial statements so you can create reports fast and complete your financial reporting in record time.


Slice and Dice with Ease

Analyze numbers and your company’s financial health by slicing and dicing your data to get exactly what you’re looking for.

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Learn how Vena can help your organization Plan for Anything.