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Analysis & Reporting

Share Beautiful Reports and Dashboards with Vena
Get at-a-glance visuals of all your key financial and operational metrics with Vena.
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Work Gets Done When the Reporting is Easy

With our intuitive ad-hoc report builder, you can create reports and share them with stakeholders in minutes.

Power Up With
Power BI

Tell the story behind your numbers and take your dashboards further with Vena—The Only Native Excel Complete Planning Platform Built for Microsoft 365 With Power BI Embedded.

Deadlines Are No Match for
the Speed of Vena

Create your board presentation, monthly financials, and budget reports and have time to spare. Experience stress-free reporting with Vena.

Complete Reports Show
the Full Picture

Vena connects data from across your business and ensures that you're always working from the most recent actuals. Everyone sees the same numbers and benefits from a complete view of the data.

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Create and Share the Data that Makes Your Business Go

Link your financial statements so you can create reports fast and complete your financial reporting in record time.


Slice and Dice with Ease

Analyze numbers and your company’s financial health by slicing and dicing your data to get exactly what you’re looking for.

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