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Vanguard gains new insights into profitability data with Vena

“We have high expectations that the profitability data will transform the University. I know that we’ve selected the right tool to help us in the future and to see this information.” - Jeremy Moser, Chief Financial Officer at Vanguard University.
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Plan on a new definition of growth

Vena gives you all the tools you need to spot trends and chart your growth journey. Perform P&L analysis, gross margin analysis, and profitability ratio analysis with ease. Analyze the impact of potential changes to your products or service offerings with driver-based modelling. Boost your bottom line, uncover new opportunities and put finance at the forefront of business planning.
Be a Data Genius

Be a data genius

Our profitability analysis software empowers you with the data and insights you need to grow your business with confidence. Vena stores data from your on-premise systems and cloud applications in a secure, central repository so you’ll always be working with trustworthy, real-time data. And with advanced drill down features, you’ll be able to identify where you need to reduce inventory, increase prices, cut services, products or programs and more.
Work Collaboratively. Grow as  a Team.

Work collaboratively. Grow as a team.

Turn individual contributors into triumphant teams. Build out your P&L analysis process from start to finish with our collaborative workflow engine. Assign tasks with due dates to individuals and receive automated alerts when it’s time to review. Take advantage of our detailed audit trail to see who changed the numbers in your spreadsheets and when. And reduce risk with role-based security and validation rules.

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