Financial Reporting Software

All-in-One Financial Reporting Solution With an Excel Interface
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Central Database

Vena connects your source systems to our central database and automatically consolidates data.
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Excel Templates

No more manual entries. Our pre-configured solution includes templates that are always updated with the latest data.
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Use Vena’s intuitive workflows to easily distribute reports to all of your stakeholders.

Create Accurate Reports in Less Time With Vena

Our financial reporting software helps automate your financial reporting processes so you can spend less time on busy work and more time delivering analysis and insights that make your business go.

Perform Management and Departmental Reporting

Easily compare financials between departments and gain a more detailed look at your income statement with our pre-built reporting templates.

Review Actuals and Corporate Financial Statements

End-users can quickly review actuals and access a summary view of your group-level income statement and balance sheet reports.

Conduct Variance Analysis

With Vena’s financial reporting software, you can quickly perform ad hoc variance analysis on your income statement data.

Automatically Consolidate Data Into Your Reports

Vena integrates with your GL system to pull timely information together quickly, so you don’t have to spend time consolidating data into your reports, dashboards or templates.

Packed With Time-Saving Financial Reporting Tools

Vena's pre-configured solution is designed to get you up and running quickly. It includes templates, business logic and smart financial reporting tools to help you accelerate your executive reporting, board reporting, month-end financial reporting and more.

Improve Collaboration With Time-Saving Workflows

Use our workflow builder and real-time status dashboard to map out and track your processes, set up reminders for tasks and automatically distribute reports to your entities.

Share Reports and Dashboards With Management

Build and share ad-hoc reports in just minutes using our financial reporting tools. And leverage your data in Vena Insights to spot risks and identify opportunities.

Say Goodbye to Version Control Issues and Broken Templates

Rest easy with smart security and data permission features. Vena lets you control user access using data permissions—and all our templates are locked and secured to prevent users from breaking templates and creating errors.

Grow Further With Add-Ons

Lay the foundation for all your financial reporting processes with Vena. And easily expand your use case with our Workforce Planning and Capital Planning add-ons.
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Try Out Our Income Statement Template

Try a Free Guided Product Tour of Vena

Take a product tour to test out Vena’s time-saving features and user-friendly Excel interface. You’ll use sample data to:

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Test out the Contributor Experience in Vena

Learn how your finance team and budget contributors can quickly access files, update numbers and build reports.

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Explore Vena 365 Connect

See how Vena works with Excel to power your planning in areas like ad-hoc reporting and variance analysis.

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Discover How Vena Insights Takes Your Analysis Further

Analyze data such as operating expenses across departments and timeframes with Vena Insights.

Join Over 1,500 Leading Companies Using Vena's Complete Planning Solution

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Integrate Your Data and Automate Your Financial Reporting

Eliminate manual data entry and gain trust in your numbers. Vena brings all of the data from your source systems into a centralized database and automatically refreshes your templates with the latest data.

General Ledger Integration

Integrate balance and transactional data into your templates from GL systems such as NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics GP and SL, Sage Intacct, Quickbooks, Oracle and more.

ERP Integration

You can connect Vena to your ERPs to make sure you’re always working with accurate, up to date numbers.

Load Data From Homegrown Systems

Bring data from your homegrown systems, SQL databases and data warehouses into Vena with our fast and secure web-based interface.

Import Excel, CSV and Flat Files

Vena allows you to import Excel, CSV and flat files from local systems
or your favorite cloud storage applications such as Dropbox, OneDrive, SFTP and SharePoint.

Templates for Departmental Reporting, Executive Reporting and More

Our financial reporting software includes Excel templates for all your reporting needs—whether it’s executive reporting, month-end financial reporting or board reporting.
  • Corporate Financial Statement: Balance Sheet and Income Statement
  • Detailed Income Statement
  • Income Statement Variance
  • Income Statement by Department
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95% Faster Reporting in Vena Helps the Kansas City Chiefs Run a More Profitable Franchise

“It’s a blessing to have all the information we need in one system. Now we can focus on seizing opportunities to make the entire Chiefs organization more profitable and more efficient.”

Michael Ragsdale
Director of Strategy and Analytics, Kansas City Chiefs

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