CapEx Software Your Whole Team Will Love

Central Database

You won’t have to worry about the accuracy of your book value, useful life and residual amounts with Vena’s central database.

Excel Templates

Hit the ground growing with templates and dashboards for all your CapEx planning processes.


Spending too much time finding the latest spreadsheet version? Use our workflow builder to distribute templates and control the submission and review process.
Increase transparency, gain trust in your numbers and uncover the story behind your data with Vena.

Integrate CapEx Budget With Your Financial Statements

Vena makes it easy to align your CapEx budget to your centralized planning process so you can maintain consistency with your OpEx, Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow forecasts.

Increase Transparency and Consistency

With the granular nature of depreciation and amortization planning, consistency is essential to ensure a flawless story for your business leaders. Vena helps you spend less time validating data and more time crafting your story.

Report with Confidence

Monitor your P&L's CapEx-related costs by using dashboards and reports. And retrieve data from previous planning cycles so you can ensure consistency between cycles and answer questions from management about variances.

Use Pre-Configured Logic for CapEx

Our CapEx software includes pre-built logic to facilitate calculating depreciation and amortization of existing assets—plus assets that are not yet in the fixed asset register that can be customized to your needs.
Vena comes with integration to your source systems, input templates for managing detailed asset information, comprehensive reporting, a collaborative workflow with user permissions and pre-built calculations.

100% Native Excel

Our CapEx solution uses a 100% native Excel interface so your team won’t have to spend time learning a new tool.

Rolling Forecasts

Leverage driver-based calculations for asset depreciation projections and asset balances. Leverage our expertise in helping companies move to rolling forecasting to best align CapEx with the rest of your planning cycle.

Data Modeling

With Vena, you get data modeling that updates as your fixed asset register changes, minimizing the time spent manually updating reports and ensuring consistency and security.

Dashboards and Insights

Our CapEx software lets you see all of your data in one place with visual dashboard reporting to summarize asset balances and calculations. And take your data storytelling further with Vena Insights

An Award-Winning Partner To Guide You on Your Path to Success

Relax, worrying about the accuracy of your numbers is a thing of the past with our CapEx solution. Our central database integrates with your financial systems and automatically updates your templates with the latest actuals.

Integrate With Your ERP, GL and Fixed Asset Register

Say goodbye to disparate data sources and re-keying data. With Vena, you can integrate data from your financial system (ERP/GL) and fixed asset register. Plus, our central database automatically aggregates your data to give you back lost time.

Connect to Any System

Vena likes to play nice. Our Complete Planning platform can connect and integrate data from popular systems such as NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics GP and SL, QuickBooks, Sage Intacct, Oracle, FinancialForce, Prologue and more.

Import Your Excel, CSV and Flat Files

Want to bring your existing Excel templates into Vena? With just a few clicks, you can import Excel, CSV and flat files from local systems or cloud applications such as Dropbox, OneDrive, SFTP and SharePoint.

Load Data From Data Warehouses and More

If your data is stored in a data warehouse, SQL database or homegrown system, you can easily bring it into Vena using our fast and secure web-based interface.

Save Time With Templates For All Your Capital Expenditure Planning Processes

Get back lost time by using our Excel and workflow templates, built specifically for capital expenditure planning. With our pre-built templates, you won't need to worry about setting up complicated formulas or optimizing your workbook design. Plus, all of your data is automatically aggregated in the Vena database so you can trust your numbers and free up more time for analysis.
  • Capital Expense Summary Template
  • Capital Expense Inputs Template
  • Operational Analysis Dashboard
  • CapEx Workflow Template



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