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An Excel-Based Budgeting and Forecasting Solution for Law Firms

Vena for Legal by ProLytics is a secure and flexible preconfigured solution that is easy to adopt and built for how legal firms work.

Profitability Analysis

Gain full visibility into the cost rates and profitability of timekeepers so you can identify profitable clients and matters and make data-driven decisions about pricing and billing.

Utilization Rates for Practices Areas

Easily track utilization rates for various services, identify which services are underutilized and adjust pricing accordingly.

Demand Planning for Law Firms

Accurately forecast demand so you can make informed decisions on staffing and resource allocation by leveraging key data such as seasonality, case complexity and client segments.

Timekeeper Revenue Planning

Build your revenue budgets by timekeeper with greater speed and accuracy by leveraging actual timekeeper hours, billing rates, utilization and realization.
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Measure Performance, Manage Cash Flow and Create Detailed Income Plans

With pre-built templates, scenario modeling tools and dashboards that highlight all your key metrics, you’ll have more time to focus on keeping your business growing.

Dynamic Cash Flow Management for Law Firms

Create cash flow scenarios for any situation so you always know where your business stands. And build calculations to allocate overhead and shared expenses across your departments and/or practice areas.

Fee Income Planning

Plan for fee income by practice, office, department or other organizational groups based on productivity, WIP, AR models that are tailored according to each manager's needs.

Employee Compensation

Create a link between HR and Finance systems by planning detailed compensation expense budgets by employee.

Dashboards and Reports

Analyze the overall performance of your team and partners by tracking real-time data and key metrics such as fee analysis, financials and profit indicators.
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Plan With 100% Confidence in Your Data

Gain a single source-of-truth for all of your different data sets so you can make decisions using real-time, accurate data.
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Leverage the Familiar Excel Interface

Our solution is easy to adopt thanks to our native integration with Excel and Microsoft 365.
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Improve Collaboration With Workflows

Automate tasks, map out your processes and track the status of deliverables with our intuitive workflow builder.
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Automate the Integration of Your Financial and Legal Data

As a law firm grows, it becomes increasingly important to have a streamlined and efficient system for managing data and practice management. With our source system integrations and automatic data consolidation, you can trust that your predictions are built using the most accurate, up-to-date information.

ERP Integration

Vena can integrate and consolidate data from ERPs such as Aderant, Oracle, Clio, Elite 3E, TR ProLaw, and more.

HCM and Payroll System Integration

Integrate data from systems such as Workday, ADP and Paylocity.

Demand Planning Software Integration

Easily connect Vena to your point solutions for demand planning.

Excel Files

Seamlessly bring your existing Excel templates into Vena and leverage our advanced modeling capabilities.

Boost Profitability and Track Revenue with Our Law Firm-Specific Templates

Leverage templates designed for law firms that need to streamline revenue while maximizing organizational profitability.
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Timekeeper Revenue
  • Fee Income Planning
  • Partner Compensation
  • Employee Compensation
  • Expense Allocation

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