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Plan Revenue, Capacity and Demand With Vena for Professional Services
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Discover the Power of a Complete Planning Platform

Vena for Professional Services gives you the capabilities of a Complete Planning platform, enabling you to plan for your revenue, cost of services and services capacity with ease.
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Demand Planning

Vena is built with industry best practices. Plan your professional services revenue by various types of project, from a bottoms-up (existing backlog plus pipeline) or top-down perspective, with maximum flexibility and accuracy.
capacity planning

Capacity Planning

Automatically translate your expected demand into hours by resource, then compare to your planned capacity to accurately forecast resource gaps well in advance.
optimize resourcing

Optimize Resourcing

Integrate your demand and capacity plans, identify and visualize gaps to help optimize your utilization and resource plans.
agile planning

Agile Planning

Make fast comparisons between your demand plan and your resource capacity to maximize the use of your internal and external resources while avoiding any business disruption.
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The Power of Vena. The Familiarity of Excel

From workflows and templates to audit trails and version control, Vena is packed with features designed to help you free up more time or analysis and plan with confidence.
excel interface

Excel Interface

Adjust your bottom-up plan for every prospect and customer from the same user-friendly Excel interface, while also performing top-down adjustments (by monthly booking and project type) to adjust and reconcile your revenue, cost of services and billable hours.
what-if analysis

What-If Analysis

Review and adjust your plan at any time and create different scenarios to compare and perform what-if analysis.
dashboarding reporting and analysis

Dashboarding, Reporting and Analysis

With Vena’s dashboards, you can quickly visualize any gap or key financial indicators at a glance. And our dashboard will tell you when you need to recruit for which role so you can meet your demand and easily prepare your headcount budget.
modularity and expansion

Modularity and Expansion

Plan for other revenue streams, operating expenses, key financial statements, and your balance sheet and cash flow—all in one pre-configured solution that gets you up and running quickly.
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Try Out Vena Preview

Try Vena With a Free 7-Day Hands-On Preview

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Download and Explore Vena's Templates

Use sample data to test out templates for variance analysis, workforce planning, executive dashboards and more.

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Test Out the Vena 365 Connect Excel Add-In

See how Vena works with Excel to power your planning in areas like ad-hoc reporting and variance analysis.

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Track Changes to Your Data

See Why Organizations Love Vena's End-User ExperienceLearn how finance teams and budget contributors can easily access files and reports in Vena.



Vena gives you the ability to plan from a single source of truth. With integrations to your source systems and automated consolidates, you’ll get more time back in your day.
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Connected Modeling

Quickly collect, aggregate and report on your plan across your business with connected modeling.

Reporting and Analytics

Use our dashboard to view gross profit margin, FTE by capacity, resource utilization, demand vs. capacity and more.

An Award-Winning Partner To Guide You on Your Path to Success

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Connect Data From Across Your Business

With integration of all your data into Vena for Professional Services, you can easily report and plan at the most granular level. From backlog data to contract/customer details and GL data, Vena is your solution that enables reporting and planning for all aspects of your business, including revenue and resource planning.
erp gl subledger

ERP, GL and Subledger

Vena integrates with popular ERP and GL systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle NetSuite, Quickbooks, Workday, Sage and SAP.


Sync customer, prospect and other sales pipeline data from your CRM to your templates.
excel templates

Excel Templates and CSV Files

Have an Excel template that you love? Connect it to Vena and take advantage of our advanced modeling capabilities and more.
pro services

Professional Services Automation and Staffing Software

Connect Vena to your Professional Services Automation (PSA) and Staffing Software to pull in relevant project and resourcing data.

Templates Designed to Help Save You Time

With our Demand Planning template, you can calculate the revenue, cost of services and billable hours for the next 24 months by Project Type and Resource Type, based on two methods: bottom-up and top-down. And our Capacity Planning dashboard and template helps you plan for resource type per month and compare it to the demand plan to make sure the business will be able to deliver on future demand.
  • Capacity Planning Dashboard and Template
  • Revenue and Demand Planning Template
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Cumming Corporation Generates 255% ROI After 6 Months With Vena

“A Cadillac is a very nice car, but if you can get a Ferrari for the same price, you're going to go with the Ferrari…Vena has proven to be that Ferrari for the price of the Cadillac when you compare it to the competition.”

Dominic DiBernardo
Chief Business Intelligence Officer, Cumming Corporation

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