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It’s time to streamline financial planning for insurance companies

It’s Time To Streamline Financial Planning for Insurance Companies

By combining the Vena Growth Engine and our familiar Excel interface, this pre-configured Insurance solution is built to scale with you.
Scenario Modeling

Scenario Modeling

Leverage scenario modeling to see how changes in key drivers like ceding ratios, renewal rates and loss ratios will impact margin and profitability across your organization.
Profitability Analysis

Profitability Analysis

Connected modeling in an integrated solution allows you to analyze your most profitable products at a level of granularity to help you optimize your business and margin.

Premiums Planning

Plan new and renew gross written premiums by line of business/product and allocate across region, channel or other dimensions. Apply ceding ratios and calculate earned and unearned premium reserves with preconfigured calc methods.
Losses, LAE and Acquisition Costs

Losses, LAE and Acquisition Costs

Calculate losses and loss adjustment expense (LAE) using loss ratios or based on projected claims volumes. And calculate acquisition costs based on commission rates as well as calculating the impact to your balance sheet in deferred acquisition costs.
A connected platform for all your finance, business and accounting processes

A Connected Insurance Platform for All Your Finance, Business and Accounting Processes

Vena brings all of your organization-wide planning into a single unified platform so you can improve collaboration and create better business plans.
Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning

Use driver-based calculations to plan for labor expenses such as compensation, benefits, taxes, merits, employment insurance and pensions.
Budgeting and Forecasting

Budgeting and Forecasting

With source system integrations, pre-built planning templates and collaborative insurance workflows, Vena makes budgeting and forecasting a breeze.
Account Reconciliation

Account Reconciliation

Our intuitive reconciliation checklists and systematic tracking of journal entries through the Excel interface allow you to work the way you want so you can get results faster.
Financial Consolidation

Financial Consolidation

Vena gives you the power to streamline your complex financial consolidation processes, including partial ownership, intercompany eliminations, multiple currencies and alternate reporting roll-ups
Finance-led Planning New

Collaboratively Analyze and Adjust Forecasts

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Create Ad-Hoc Reports in Minutes

With Vena you can create reports in just a few easy steps, freeing up more time for analysis.

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Gain Confidence in Your Numbers

All of your spreadsheets, templates, models and data are connected to Vena’s central database so you’re always working with accurate, up-to-date numbers.


Accelerate Budget to Actual Variance Analysis

Need to perform a budget to actual variance analysis at the departmental level? You can do it in a snap with Vena.

Plan premium ceding, insurance underwriting, forecast acquisition costs and calculate losses
Use what-if analysis to see how changes to loss ratios, renewal rates and ceding ratios will impact margin
Reporting & Analytics
Create and distribute reports with just a few clicks—and easily compare your products and branch level profitability

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Plan with data you can trust

Insurance Planning With Data You Can Trust

Vena connects to your data sources and automatically loads your templates and with the latest actuals so you can trust your numbers and get back lost time.
Financial Data

Financial Data

Integrate with ERP and GL systems such as Microsoft Dynamics (GP, SL and Business Central), Oracle, NetSuite, Sage 100 and PeopleSoft.
Underwriting, Actuarial and Policy/Claims Data

Underwriting, Actuarial and Policy/Claims Data

Connect to systems such as Applied Epic, FIS and Abila to ensure your templates always contain the latest underwriting, actuarial and policy/claims data.
Excel, CSV and Flat Files

Excel, CSV and Flat Files

Import Excel, CSV and flat files—whether they are stored on local systems or in applications such as Dropbox, OneDrive, SFTP and SharePoint.
Investment Data

Investment Data

Bring in all of your investment data from systems such as FIS, Abila and Applied Epic to gain a single source of truth.

Insurance Dashboards and Templates

Plan faster with pre-built insurance dashboards and templates. Our dashboard lets you see key metrics, trends and product mix analysis at a glance.
  • Gross and Net Written Premium Planning Template
  • Losses and Loss Adjustment Expense Planning Template
  • KPI Dashboard
  • Commission Rate Input Template
  • Premium Allocation Template
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ATB Financial Transforms Budgeting and Forecasting in Just 3 Months With Vena

“We implemented in three months—that’s a record—and in terms of using Vena, we have so many users that can now collaborate together in an agile and flexible manner. We have conversations with our business partners and they are talking about what we can do with the system, not what we can’t do.”

Michael To
Director of Finance Data Services, ATB Financial

Solutions To Help Power Your Plan To Grow

Discover how Vena’s capabilities and solutions enable you to plan your business in a single, unified platform—and give you the ability to make agile changes to all of your key drivers so you can see the immediate impact on margin and profitability across the organization.
Financial Reporting
Cost Allocations
Scenario Planning

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