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Do more with Vena's pre-configured solution

Vena brings all of your planning into a single unified platform, packed with templates, workflows and more all tailored for the insurance industry. From premiums planning to losses and claims, you can be ready for anything with Vena. We can even handle deferred acquisition costs, loss adjustment expense planning and ceding ratios to determine reinsurance costs. And our preconfigured logic incorporates assumptions so you can automatically plan and keep a pulse on your key drivers.
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Trust your data with a single source of truth

Integrating your financial, investment, actuarial, policy/claims and insurance underwriting data into a single source of truth means not having to do the copy paste shuffle. And by automating your insurance workflows, audits and processes, Vena makes sure you’re always working with the latest actuals of your earned premium schedules, historical loss ratios and other relevant source data.
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Stay one step ahead with advanced modeling capabilities

With complex and disconnected planning and models, it can be impossible to be prepared for surprises the future might hold. Vena connects your models, so you can move with agility when it comes to changes in key drivers like loss ratios, renewal rates and combined ratios. And you can see the immediate impact on margin and profitability across the organization by leveraging Vena’s what-if and scenario modeling capabilities.
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Build beautiful insurance dashboards that bring your data to life

With Vena’s visual insurance dashboards, you can easily analyze gross and net written premiums, loss ratios and adjustments, combined ratios, premium ceding and underwriting, renewal rates and plan for deferred acquisition costs. And you can create reports and insurance dashboards with key metrics, trends and product mix analysis for management and key stakeholders so everyone has the data needed to make smarter business planning decisions.
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“It’s been a huge difference having Salesforce, NetSuite and our HR system connected to Vena in real-time”

Bruce Harris, Director of IT and Enterprise Business Applications, Asure Software

Solutions to help power your plan to grow

Discover how Vena’s capabilities and solutions enable you to plan your business in a single, unified platform—and give you the ability to make agile changes to all of your key drivers so you can see the immediate impact on margin and profitability across the organization.

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