Vena Spring '24 Release

Vena's Spring '24 Release centers on empowering efficiency, focusing on driving innovative transformations within FP&A, while empowering users to achieve their goals more effectively and efficiently.

Discover new and enhanced features such as Vena for Microsoft PowerPoint, a no-code add-in that lets you seamlessly build presentations and Vena for Copilot, your Complete Planning AI assistant. As well as productivity enhancements and the new Export API.

Join us at Excelerate Finance 2024 on May 16 for an exclusive information session led by our product experts, Vena Vision: Product Roadmap and Spring ‘24 Release. Get a detailed walkthrough of the new features and enhancements.  

What's New in the Spring '24 Release

Available starting on May 23rd, begin to unlock a new transformation in the way you work.

Read on to learn more about this release.

Vena for Microsoft PowerPoint

Empower your team’s efficiency with the enhanced Vena for Microsoft PowerPoint. This integration seamlessly incorporates live Vena data, dynamic report libraries, automated updates, and integrates out of the box with existing Vena reports and templates. Experience efficient data storytelling and stay on top of up-to-the-minute insights, ensuring that your presentations are not only impactful but also reflect the most current and relevant information.

Vena Copilot for FP&A

Experience the innovative empowerment of Vena CoPilot for FP&A, revolutionizing innovation and efficiency. Say hello to your new FP&A assistant, enabling you and your teams to extract actionable insights from complex data through a simple, conversational user interface. Browse data, shape it to the right format and answer questions in an efficient manner without the hassle of relying on other methods and technologies. Transform the way you interact with your information.

Export APIs

Vena’s new export APIs enable you to fully integrate Vena within your data ecosystem, furthering your data strategy. Combined with our existing import APIs, you can now build your own bidirectional integrations between Vena and your ERP, data warehouse, BI & ML tools, and any other system of your choice. Move operational and planning data efficiently across your organization and enable faster and more powerful insights for your business. To learn more about our new export APIs, please visit to view the API documentation.

Quick Export & New ETL Export Page

Our new ETL Export page now allows you to export data out of Vena with one-click using "Quick Export". With a simple click, you can export the data from any slice of your data model without writing queries. The new and improved UI modernization uses our latest front-end technology and also includes new capabilities such as exporting from a Vena Table.

Standard Members Now GA

Seamlessly expand your use cases in Vena by assigning Standard Members in your Financial Data Model. As an extension to last quarter’s release of Dimension Types, we are excited to introduce Standard Members - this new feature, now available in GA, enables data model members to be further classified by a Vena-defined Standard Member label. This classification enables other features across Vena to better interpret and connect to your data models. Existing customers with models that have assigned Dimension Types and Standard Members are able to quickly adopt our most exciting current and upcoming features like CoPilot, Insights and FX Functions.