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Vena Means Growth

Vena is an FP&A ecosystem powered by certified planners

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We believe in teamwork over collaboration
Collaboration makes sure finance-led planning stays in finance. Teamwork brings everyone together to make the best possible decision for their business. FP&A is a team sport.
We believe finance 
should be fun
Charting your journey to growth is a celebration. Finance-led planning with Vena brings your company’s strengths to the forefront so you can champion them and build a better business.
We believe in the 
power of data
Knowing your business is the first step on your path to growth. With accurate data, you can make the right decision based on what’s actually happening, instead of anecdotal evidence.

Value and protect Customer Trust with every decision and every action.
Our customers’ trust is our most important asset—we value it above all else. We act to WOW with integrity and selflessness and know that each customer interaction is an opportunity to strengthen our relationship. We care deeply about helping them grow and succeed. We always act with their best interests in mind.
One Team. One Purpose. Many Voices.
We trust each other and are united in the service of our customers and our purpose. Collaboration, transparency, and mutual trust form the foundation of our team culture. Every voice and action matters. We aren’t afraid to take initiative because we’re Upstanders, not bystanders, all of us active contributors to Vena’s culture and growth.
Be humble, be empathetic, be you.
We perform best when we treat each other with respect and when we empower one another. We strive to provide the space and freedom for Venanites to be themselves and to create a deep sense of belonging and togetherness. We act every day to build inclusion into our VNA and understand that it is our many dimensions of diversity that give us strength and push us to think differently and be better.
Execute with passion.
We take pride in executing at an exceptional level. We pursue mastery and are keen to learn and teach. Our successes and failures provide a welcomed opportunity for reflection and evolution. We adapt and grow together, supporting one another and holding each other accountable to the very highest standards of performance.

Meet the most experienced team of finance process management and technology experts in the industry.

Hunter Madeley
Chief Executive Officer
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Tina Goulbourne
Chief Operating Officer
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Rishi Grover
Chief Solutions Architect
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Debbie Lillitos
Chief Customer Officer
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Peter Gilfillan
Chief Sales Officer
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Allison Munro
Chief Marketing & Ecosystem Officer
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Melissa Howatson
Chief Financial Officer
Hugh Cumming
Chief Technology Officer
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Tracey Mikita
Chief People Officer
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Le Truong
Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary